Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Class of 2022 Residents and Fellows Congratulations to Our Graduates!

Emily Alvey, MD

Meera Brahmbhatt, MD

Brannon Broadfoot, MD

Edward Dent, MD

Bradley Drumheller, MD

Frances Feng, MD

Eric Fitts, MD

Aleeia Johnson, MD

Amanda Kornfield, MD

Leila Kutob, MD

Shu Lui, MD

Patrick Mullane, MD

Hirotomo Nakahara, MD, PhD

James Roberts, MD

Catherine Roe, MD

Nima Sharifai, MD, PhD

Conrad Shebelut, MD

Ashley Scheiderer, MD

Jason Singh, DO

Sam Sirotnikov, DO

Troy Tenney, DO

Marianne Yee, MD, MS