Admission FAQ

How can I get updated information about the Emory AA Program?

Do I need to take the GRE and MCAT?

No, Emory applicants are required to take the GRE OR MCAT regardless of experience, training or certifications. If your scores are five years or older, please register to retake the exam before applying to the program.  Please see the website for competitive scores and click the link to better understand the new MCAT scoring system.

Do I need to take the GRE or MCAT before I apply to the program?

Yes, official test results should be submitted with your application. Applications without official scores will be considered incomplet

Can I apply if I received a D in one of the prerequisite courses?

No. For the strongest application, prerequisite courses in which D grades were received should be retaken. A letter grade of C- or above is required in all listed prerequisite courses.

Can I apply if I have pre-requisite courses in progress doing the admissions cycle?

Yes, you may be missing multiple pre-requisite courses at the time of the October 1 deadline, as long as you would complete any missing pre-requisite courses in that spring semester prior to anticipated matriculation. There is no precise limit of how many courses may be missing by the time of the deadline, but proof of enrollment in missing courses would be required prior to an interview.

Can I take prerequisite courses at a community college?

Yes, however be sure to confirm that the courses you plan to take are at an accredited institution.  Please visit those college level courses that are planned for science majors or pre-medical students (i.e. biology or chemistry students). Biochemistry and advanced math courses are typically not offered at an appropriate level at community colleges (in this case online courses will suffice).

No survey courses will be accepted (The course name will read Survey to- the name of the specific course). Courses should be specific to this particular discipline (science based, pre-med, physics based calculus).

Applicants may be in progress with their academic program and prerequisites during the application process. All work must be complete by the end of the spring semester.

How competitive is the application process?

All applicants should be aware that gaining admissions to the Emory Anesthesiologist Assistant Program is highly competitive. No applicant is guaranteed admissions to the program, even when the general requirements are met. We receive more than 250 applications every year for a class size of approximately 36 students to begin in June of each year. Please review your transcript information to determine if you are a competitive for this program.

Is preference given to Georgia residents?

No. All students are evaluated equally, regardless of the state where they reside.

What is the best undergraduate curriculum?

Although some undergraduate schools have a specific pre-med program, no specific program or course of study is necessary to apply to the Emory AA program. We accept students with majors as diverse as political science, education, art history, and engineering.  Writing skills, logic and analytical skills, as well as organizational skills are all important for students to perform well in the program.

Does it matter when I turn in my application?

The Emory applications are scheduled to open early June. Yes, it can make a difference.  Only complete applications will be selected for the reviewing process.  The Admissions Committee will begin reviewing completed applications immediately.  Although the final deadline is in October, we recommend that you submit your application, test results and all supporting documents as soon as possible.

What are the placements rates of your graduates?

We have a 98% placement rate for Emory AA graduates.

What is the average salary of new graduates?

Salaries vary depending on the regional cost of living. The average starting salary for a newly graduated anesthesiologist assistant is approximately $116,000 for a 40-hour work week, plus benefits and consideration of on-call activity.

When does the program start?

 The program is scheduled to begin the second week in June (summer semester). Dates will be listed on the Admissions calendar.

What are the program hours?

Students operate on a full-time academic schedule and will have a mandatory program schedule all week, Monday through Friday.  Classes and clinical hours may be scheduled between 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  A student could typically be involved in class and clinical activity for approximately thirty hours per week. 

If I am accepted, can I be a part time student?

No, the Emory program is a full-time, with daytime program hours only. 

Are students able to work while in the program?

Students should be prepared/prepare financially before entering the program. Due to the intense nature of the program, we do not recommend that students work while enrolled.  

Are there jobs available for new Anesthesiologist Assistants?