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Contact the School of Medicine Office of Research & Strategic Initiatives

1648 NE Pierce Dr., Atlanta,GA 30322 | phone 404-727-5671 | fax 404-727-0473

Executive Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Affairs

Allan Levey, MD/PhD

Associate Dean for Basic Research

Jeremy Boss, PhD

Associate Dean for Innovation and International Strategies

Haian Fu, PhD

Associate Dean for Clinical Research

Jeff Lennox, MD

Assistant Dean for Research Administration

Trish Haugaard

Assistant Dean for Core Labs
Asistant VP for Research, WHSC

Mike Zwick, PhD

Assistant Dean for Post-Doctoral Education

Mary DeLong, PhD

Director, Division of Animal Resources

Michael J Huerkamp, DVM

Assistant Dean SOM IT

Marc Overcash

Associate Director - Research Programs and Resources

Darryl Barr

Financial Analyst

Sherie West

Project Coordinator

Kelly Simily Shaw