What does MOCQI do and how does it help Emory physicians get ABMS MOC Part IV credit?

As an ABMS MOC Part IV Portfolio Program Sponsor, Emory University School of Medicine MOCQI works with participating ABMS Member Boards to grant MOC Part IV credit to Emory physicians who actively participate and successfully complete approved quality improvement efforts.  MOCQI provides a process for formal review of QI projects to ensure they comply with ABMS standards, reports approved QI projects to ABMS specialty boards, and upon completion of projects, reports individual physician participation to specialty boards for awarding MOC Part IV credit.   MOCQI permits teams of physicians from multiple specialties to work together along with other health professionals to obtain MOC credit from their individual ABMS specialty board.  It also ensures that the MOC QI projects align with Emory institutional QI goals. Who is eligible to participate in MOCQI?

Any Emory School of Medicine faculty physician can participate in MOCQI.  It is each physician’s responsibility to verify that they are enrolled to participate in their AMBS Board’s MOC program and are eligible to receive MOC Part IV credit from their certifying Board(s).

How do I get started?

An Emory SOM faculty physician can begin by identifying a new Quality Improvement project they would like to undertake or an ongoing QI project  that they could join.  For a new project, the physician should work with a QI expert in their department, clinical service line, or facility to design the project, to ensure that there will be sufficient resources, including collection of data, to confirm that the project aligns with Emory QI goals.  The ESOM MOC Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee reviews all new QI project proposals, a process that takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks. 

To become a member of the team working on an on-going MOCQI approved project, the physician should contact the lead for the QI effort to determine if there is an opportunity for additional participation.

Are there ongoing QI projects that I can join?

A searchable table of ongoing Emory QI projects can be accessed through the MOCQI website.

Departmental or hospital Quality Officers will also have information on other QI projects in progress.

If a QI project is already underway or is ongoing, can I still apply for MOC Part IV credit through MOCQI?

Yes, the project leader can submit the MOCQI Project Application for projects that are already underway and if they comply with the program’s standards

What are the responsibilities of a Project Leader?

  1. Ensuring that the project design meets MOCQI requirements. 
  2. Determining if the project is research and, if so, obtaining appropriate IRB approval. 
  3. Completing and submitting an MOCQI Application form to the ESOM CME Office.

Once the project has been approved, the Project Leader is responsible for:

  1. Tracking and monitoring physician participation to ensure that the meaningful participation standards are met for each participating physician. 
  2. Ensuring that participating physicians have access to data reports on a regular basis. 
  3. Upon completion of the project, attesting for physician participants by signing Meaningful Participation Attestation Forms and handling any disputes that arise in the attestation process. 
  4. Sending physician completion data to MOCQI. 
  5. Completing reports associated with project approval, including bi-annual reports that will be reviewed by MOCQI leadership, a final report at the close of a project, and an annual report (if requested by ABMS). 
  6. Providing project documentation to MOCQI, including methods, results, and physician participation 

How do I claim MOC Part IV credit once a project is completed?

Once a QI project has met the MOCQI completion requirements, the Project Leader should submit the Physician Meaningful Participation Attestation Form (link to Form) to MOCQI.  It is the responsibility of each physician to provide MOCQI with their correct identification information such as ABMS Board number and birthdate so that MOCQI can accurately report to the specialty boards. 

What ABMS Boards are participating in this program?

Learn more at the Boards page

If I need MOC Part IV credit this year, is it too late to get started?

Project Application forms may be submitted at any time; however, forms must be submitted by November 1 of the current year in order for MOCQI to review your project and report the project to ABMS. Upon completion of the project, Physician Meaningful Participation Attestation Form must be submitted by December 1 for participating physicians to get credit from their ABMS specialty board for the current calendar year. 

Who do I contact with questions about MOCQI?

Questions regarding MOCQI can be sent to mocquality@emory.edu .