QI Project Examples

Project TitleDepartmentKeywordsLeadOther Participating Faculty
Achieving 100% Documentation of the Pre-operative Checklist Beta Blocker Section General Surgery, Vascular, Orthopedic (EUHM only), Thoracic (EUH only)Vickie FisherBeta Blocker, Pre-operative Checklist, SCIP Jane Goldberg, Leslie Stigaard, Celia Reed, Joanne Moore, Robert Keown, Cheryl Wheeler, Rosalie Przykucki
Advanced Health Care Directive Education in the Primary Care Setting Primary CareRachel Anquez Advanced Directive, AD, Primary Care, Education Rachel Anquez MD, Kelli Davis MD, Leslie Eiland MD, Mike Lava MD, James Lee MD, Kathy Nilles MD, Ronnie Ramadan MD, Shilpa Reddy MD, Nicole Charkoudian MD
Antibiotic Protocol in EJCH ED Sepsis Patients Emergency DepartmentBrenda FriedmanIntravenous antibiotic therapy, sepsis, triage, emergency department Dr. Brenda Friedman, Elizabeth Aiken, Carole Endres, Roland Tam, Sujo Das, Todd Settlemyre
Antibiotic Stewardship: Reducing Quinolone Use in the Hospital Hospital MedicineHasan ShabbirAntibiotics, Antibiotic Reduction Shabbir H, Singh A, Stone J
Atlanta Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) EHM AdministrationWhitney WoodruffCare Transitions, Readmissions, Referrals Naphtali Edge, Cyndi Burke, Gloria McLean, Robyn James, Angela White, Nancie Vito, Zandra Anderson, Kim Whitaker, Joi DuVall, Bridget Ferguson, Felicia Hunt, Josephine Mallah, Sandra Mullings, Elease Brown
Budd Terrace Skilled Nursing Facility Readmissions Pilot Office of Quality & RiskMathu KumarasamyReadmissions, Nursing Home, SNF Manuel Eskildsen, Patricia Cammarata, Arun Mohan, Jennifer Schuck, Gregory Esper
Care Initiation's Patient Transfer Times TransplantJoAnn LindseyClinical Research, Bed Assignments, CIU
Care Initiation's Patient Transfer Times Care InitiationJoAnn LindseyPatient Transfer Times, Patient Transfer, Care Initiation Unit JoAnn Lindsey, BSN, CMSRN
Care Initiation Rounds and Interdisciplinary Communication Hospital MedicineTait JonesWork Rounds, Interdisciplinary Rounds, VAMC Deshondra Green, Nicole Mayzner, Tresselyn Douglas-Adams, Jacquelyn Steward, Lisa Smith, Dominic Cruz
CAUTI Prevention Team Cardiology, Cardiovascular SurgeryCynthia BondCAUTI, Catheter, Urinary Tract Infection James Fonger, Eric Sood, Monica Tennant
CCU CLABSI Prevention: CHG Bath Project CardiologyPatricia GilmanCLABSI, CHG Bath, Chlorhexidine Gluconate Kristi Koch, Elizabeth Noriega, Amy Mackin
Chairside Checkout in Medical Oncology Building C Hematology and OncologyMelinda LesterPress Ganey, Ease of Scheduling, Appointments Katherine Wright
Compliance with Intentional Rounding Tool (IR) SurgeryTrina PittsIntentional Rounding, Nursing, improved compliance Quinnesha Bradley, NT Kimberly Graham, RN Erik Hess, RN Dorcie Kerridge, RN Lisa McGraw, RN Anthony Perry, RN Trina Pitts, RN, Jacqueline Thomas, NT Kimberly Whitaker, RN Brook Kamke, Coach
Computer Assisted Coding Test of Change RadiologyMarjorie SimsCoding, Interventional Radiology, Computer Brenda Melton, Anetta Mathis, Mildred Underwood
Covering Research Costs in Clinical Trials Office for Clinical ResearchJennifer ProzonicClinical Trials, Research Budget, Research Costs Janice Newman, Pam Terry, Sheila O'Neal, Missy Douglas
Decreasing 3rd Next Available Appointment for Academic General ObGyn Practice Gynecology & ObstetricsPenny CastellanoAppointment, Scheduling, ObGyn, Practice Management Penny Castellano, Brent Bizwell, David Wurtinger, Bridgette Polak, Polly Dorminey, Erica Scott, Kassondra Riley, Georgia Brogdon, Dr. Ira Horowitz
Decreasing of Late Cancellation & No Shows at GIM Flat Shoals General Internal MedicineLuke AndersonNo-Shows, Late Cancellations, Appointments Anita Merkerson, Crystal Green, Sharon Williams
Defect Free Stroke Care Office of Quality & RiskCarol A. BatchelderStroke, Education, Quality Metrics Jemma Brown
Development of the Emory Healthcare Bedside Shift Report Bundle and the Effect on Patient Satisfaction General MedicineAarti AgarwalPress Ganey, Nursing, Patient Satisfaction Agarwal, A., Bell, C., Bell, S., Cross, L., Davis, V., Grant, S., Gray, M., Hill, C., Kamke, B., Owens, J., Warner, J., Whiten, M.
Diabetic Ketoacidosis Protocol SystemwideCarolyn HolderDKA, Diabetes, Ccidosis and Glycemic Control Stacey Folse, Sharon Quinn, Debbie Barker, Jackie Byrd, Pat Capes, Mary Beth Clark-Wald, Whitney Goodwin, Micah Fisher, Sol Jacobs, Matt Keadey, Ken Leeper, Vickie Morelock, Willie Smith, Sharon Vanairsdale, Joseph Ward, Guillermo Umpierrez
Diagnostic Ultrasound: QI Project to Standardize Exams Across Emory Healthcare RadiologyCourtney MorenoUltrasound, Radiology, ACR William Small
Discharge Order + Instruction Improvement Project Hospital MedicineScott SteinbachDischarge, Discharge Instructions, Discharge Calls Dominic Cruz, Kevin Galpin, Deshondra Green, Connie Hampton, Deborah Henry, Janice Jones, Cedrella Jones-Taylor, Stefanie Jurado, Ordith Lominy, Florence Longchamp, Anna Mirk, Jennifer Modi, Sandra Nazaire, Donna Rigby, Deborah Skarda, Olivia Smith, Jason Stein, Scott Steinbach, Sandra Thomas, Anne Tomolo, Myrtle White, Kathy Williams, Emily Wood
Document Control of the Prospective Reimbursement Analysis (PRA) Office of Clinical ResearchVickie Swafford Prospective Reimbursement Analysis, Document Control, Clinical Trial, EMR
Drug Purchasing Based on Utilization: A Formula for High Margins NeurologyGarrett MannToxin, Drug Utilization, Operating Margin Charlene Mowatt, Tomika George, Zenithea Hardy, Tamara Abraham, Tammyjo Best, Cyril Richards, Stewart Factor, Hyder Jinnah, Marian Evatt, Alan Freeman
ER Patient Exam Delay Emergency Medicine, RadiologyCandace MoczarskiWait Times, Radiology, Delays John Stefanie
EUHM Pre-Admission Testing Reducing Patient Wait Times Ambulatory Surgery CenterPat MiddletonPatient Waits Times, Press Ganey, Walk-Ins Cindy Smith, Audrey Dickson, Wendy Hathaway, Ninette Davis, Wendy Nunlee, Theresa Evans, Virginia Cuberson, Angela Young-Hill, Tamika Hayes
Fix The Phones Telephone Advice ProgramCedrella Jones-Taylor Telemedicine, Clinical Calls, Abandonment Rate Ms. Gillian Watts, Ms. Darquita McColumn, Ms. Kathy Williams Coach: Dr. Anne Tomolo
Front Desk Arrival Time SMG-Vascular Surgery Vascular SurgeryShannon CaulArrival Times, Patient Waits, Check-In Process Douglas Reed, Bleu Owens, Alan Santos, Tina Sapp, Jessica Jarrard, Cathy Mauldin, and Jenny Morris
Guest Services: Patient Transporters Guest ServicesViktoria SobolevskyTransportation, Patient Transporters, Appointments Brian Owens, Shabaka Coram, Marcus Banks, Sylvester Everhard, Jr, Ruth Alligood, Jeff Doss, David Franklin, Joseph John
Hand Hygiene Compliance in a Hemodialysis Unit HemodialysisCarol BatchelderHand Hygiene, Handwashing, Carol Batchelder, Alicia Carson, V. Deberry, R. White, F. Thomas, D. Barber, P. Fears, C. Parks, Monica Maher
HepBefore12 Improving Newborn Hepatitis B Vaccination NeonatologySino GeorgeNewborns, Infants, Hepatitis B Vaccination Debra Jordan, Candace Nettles, Christel Biltoft, Tarissa Mitchell, David Carlton, Rick Gitomer, Ravi Mangal Patel
HepBefore12 Newborn Hepatitis B Vaccination QI Project: Delivery Before 12 hours of life NeonatologyRavi PatelNewborns, Infants, Hepatitis B Vaccination Sino George, David Carlton, Tarissa Mitchell, Christel Biltoft, Rick Gitomer
HTN-2: Blood Pressure Control General Internal MedicineJonathan NeffGPRO, Hypertension, Blood Pressure Penny Castellano, David Franklin, Richard Kim, Jennifer Moncrief, Stefanie Herman
Implementation of a Falls Reductions Program in an Acute Care Setting EUH NursingJewel AdamsPatient Falls, Acute Care, Nursing Units Carolyn Brown, Jan Humphrey
Implementation of an Electronic MRI Scanner QA Log Using RedCap RadiologyAmit M. SaindaneRedCap, Electronic Log, HIPAA Archana Kudrimoti, Bobbie Burrow, Tracy Powell, Mary Davis, Tiffany Easter, Kimberly Applegate
Implementation of POD Teams in the EUHM Emergency Department Emergency MedicineDanna MichelPatient Flow, Wait Times, Length of Stay Nicole Franks, Rashelle Butts, Barbara Edwards, Christine Newcombe, Candise Dickson, Geri Sorrell, J. Pat Capes, Pam Hoppie, Busra Ergun, Mary Grace Albuna
Improve Patient Access: Emory at Smyrna & Emory at Eagles Landing General Internal MedicineShawn PloesslPatient Access, Midlevel, Encounter Volume Sarah John, Crystal Padgett, Mary Ann Oglevee, Joseph Khouri, Karina Belinfante, Sarah Rhodes, Consuela Harley, Kennard Hood
Improving Admission Medication Reconciliation Rates on a Hospital Medicine Unit of a Large Academic Medical Center: An Official Sounding Study Hospital MedicineJoanna BonsallMedication Reconciliation, Med Rec, Care Transitions Byron Crowe, Kristin Wise, Autumn Han, Amy Jackson, Beth Jarett, Tabitha Carney
Improving Blood Glucose Control in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Patient Population SurgeryCeressa T. WardBlood-Glucose Control, SCIP patient, core measure Margaret Alexander, RN Vishal Bakshi, PA Keith Causey, PA Kathryn Glas, MD Toni Johnson, RN Robert Keown, MBA, MHA Joanna Kobylivker, MPH Patricia Mercado, RN Vicki Morelock, RN Chris Paciullo, PharmD Sharon Quinn, RN Terrie Sullivan, RN Janice Temple, RN Ceressa Ward, PharmD Joseph Ward, RN
Improving Blood Glucose Control in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Patient Population Cardiovascular SurgeryMargaret AlexanderSCIP, Blood Glucose, INF-4 Vishal Bakshi, Keith Causey, Kathryn Glas, Toni Johnson, Robert Keown, Joanna Kobylivker, Patricia Mercado, Vicki Morelock, Christopher Paciullo, Sharon Quinn, Terrie Sullivan, Janice Temple, Ceressa Ward, Joseph Ward
Improving Cardiology OP SCIP Compliance Rate at EUH & EUHM. CardiologyAstha PurohitOP SCIP, CMS Core Measures, Surgical Care Improvement Project Astha Purohit, Erica Ebeling, Terry Anderson, Kathryn Carden, DeDee Hampson, Vicki Davis, Mike Cobb, Nancy Winn, Jane Wilson, Nate Spell, James Steinberg, Abhinav Goyal
Improving Continuity of Care: Establishing Primary Care Physician-Patient Relationships in a Resident Clinic Primary CareJennifer LukeContinuity of Care, PCP, Primary Care Luke, Jennifer; D'Souza, Komal; Runge, Thomas, Halawi , Racha; Hung, Olivia; Li , Song,; Shah, Sana ; Wilmot, Kobina Arhin ; Lofgren, Sarah Marie ; Harzand, Arash ; Shaffer, Katherine Marie ; Cheeley, Justin T. ; Imam, Muhammad Hassaan ; Shen, Jia ; Runge, Thomas Marschall ; Saraf, Anita Pradeep ; Lee, Jenny Ji-Hyun ; Tseng, Victor ; Wei, Melissa Y. ; Rashid, Qura Tul Ain ; Pink, Jochebed Ann ; Gwynn, Kendrick Brandon ; Thammana, Rekha ; Behl, Muskaan ; Perry, Jason Matthew ; Patel, Roshan Dhansukh ; Southmayd, Geoffrey ; Darrow, Matthew David ; Walker, Tiffany Austin ; Patel, Priyesh Rashiklal ; Wedin, Kyle Edward ; Spicer, Jennifer Oliver ; Qu, Yuesheng ; Razvi, Mohammed Asker ; Chowdry, Rajasree Pia ; Glade, Len ; Golub, Lucas ; Hsu, Jennifer Wen ; Mohamed Kelli, Heval ; Molloy, Daniel Lee ; Goodman, Christopher ; Shin, Yoo M. ; Jean, Moise ; Ip, Andrew Chi-Wei ; Kirlew, Christine Lorraine ; Koura, Shawn Singh ; Wang, Yi Chu ; Berger, Stephen Hans, Cosco, Dominique. ; Higgins, Stacy , Lundberg, Kristina ; Schmidt Stacie; Bussey-Jones, Jada ; Adhyaru, Bhavin; Ilksoy , NurcanMD
Improving Counseling for Tobacco Cessation in a Resident Primary Care Clinic Primary CareJane TitteringtonTobacco, Smoking Cessation, Counseling Robert Kung, Zahi Mitri, Jeff Chen, Kyle James, Jenna Kay, Wendy Neveu, Reema Dbouk, Anthony Gamboa, Sanjukta Chatterjee, Nurcan Ilksoy
Improving EUHM Radiology Interdepartmental Patient Hand Offs RadiologyMichael ArmstrongHand-offs, communication, Interdepartmental Susan Reeder, Donald Character, Cindy Gaskins, Paulette Jackson, Brooke Kamke, Jessie Knighton
Improving Hepatitis C Screening in a Primary Care Internal Medicine Resident Clinic Primary CareFreny NirappilHCV, Hepatitis C, Screening Vivian Cheng, Tina Constantin, Edward Clermont, Patrick Hall, Michael Lava, Rachel Anquez, Nathan Spell III
Improving Hypertension Control at Emory Patient-Centered Primary Care (PCPC) Primary CareJennifer ZreloffHypertension, HTN, Blood Pressure
Improving Hypertension Control in the Patient Centered Medical Home Primary CareAustin ChanHypertension, HTN, Blood Pressure Maya Varthi, N. Thi Gunter, Patricia Hwang, Curtis Jamison, Bryant Chan, Arjun Nanda, Jessica Nave, Ravi Vora, Parth Joshi, Mahmoud Abdou, Danesh Kella, Greg Weston, Amirali Masoumi, Abhinav Koul, Abdullah Khan, Bradley Witbrodt, James Monaco, Vaishnavi Kundel, Yasamin Chowdhury, Danny Nguyen, Maria Lee, Anjan Deka, Phoebe Chi, Eric Shin, Aaron Gluth, Brian Heeke, Sandeep Krishnan, Anand Jain, Daniel Cucco, Vera Tate, Ula Abed Alwahab, Neal Bhatia, Kiran Valiani, Akshay Shetty, Shing-Yu "Cliff" Lin, Sara Turbow, Teresa Ingram, Katie Tipton, Robert McClung, David Dunhill, Valeria Cantos-Lucio, Joy Wortham, Shadi Yarandi, Nisha Joseph, Taylor Lebeis
Improving Inpatient Charge Capture (Professional Fees) NeurologyCharles EpsteinCharge Capture, Inpatient Bedside Procedures, CPT Namar Al-Ganas, Charlene Mowatt, Shandra Wilkerson, James Homesley, Eric Dukes
Improving Medication Reconciliation in a Resident Primary Care Clinic Primary Care ClinicMargaret DeMoss Medication Reconcilliation, Primary Care Clinic, Physicals Rowland Chigbu MD, Margaret DeMoss MD, Christopher Landry MD, Jason Laney MD, Lauren Myer MD, Thomas Riddell MD, Caroline Tse MD, Nicole Charkoudian, MD
Improving Nutrition Delivery for Mechanically Ventilated Patients Receiving Enteral Nutrition in 71 ICU and 21 ICU Oncology, Cardiovascular SurgeryDebra BarkerTube Feeding, Ventilator, Nutrition Cynthia Carter, Celia Curran, Georgia Jackson, Brooke Kamke, Vicki Morelock, Alex Truong, Deborah Tuck
Improving Patient Outcomes Through Inpatient Psychiatric Core Measures PsychiatryLaura NicholsHBIPS, Core Measures, ORYX
Improving Patient Satisfaction in the Patient Centered Medical Home Primary CareJennifer ZoraPatient Access, Patient Satisfaction, Press Ganey Chowdhury A, Batchelor H, Ejigiri I, Corrigan III F, Hassanyar R, Hayek S, Heard E, Han E, Akbashev M, Lee J, DeMoss B, Lyman M, Massart A, Shoukat S, Allen J, Maheshwari R, Patel M, Kelkar A, Flueckiger P, Phillips W, Peng S, Ahmed H, Abou Mrad R, Appelbaum J, Mitri Z, Neveu W, Kay J, Kung R, James K, Burkman G, Patel S, Patel A, Dudgeon M, Klein R, Jones D, Bussey-Jones J, Harper C, Adhyaru B, Ilksoy N
Improving Percentage of Patients with Self Management Goals in Emory Patient Centered Primary Care Primary CareJason HigdonSelf Management, Goals, Primary Care Letaw A, Martin R, Vayens K, Zreloff J
Improving Pneumonia Quality Measures in the Emergency Department Emergency MedicineWhitney GodwinPneumonia, Antibiotics, Core Measures Matthew Keadey, Marilyn Margolis, Tara Tucker, Sharon Vanairsdale, Jessica Walther
Improving Pneumonia Vaccine Screening SurgeryShamsah HussainPneumonia Vaccination, PN, Screening Clatondra Mathis
Improving Provider Communication: Inpatient Correspondence Center Utilization Cardiothoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Referral ManagementBindi NaikReferral, Communication, Correspondence Kristine Conklin, Michael Weimann, Jerry King, Jr., Dena Manning, Joseph John, Sarah Brannan, Meridith Ussery, Tina McElderry, Nicole German, Terri Jackson
Improving Provider Communication: Transplant's Lung Program Emory Lung Transplant CenterBindi NaikLung Transplant, Communication, External Providers Remzi Bag, Kevin Clark, Cynthia Devroy, Alison Douis, Maria Mines, Jo-Ann House, Rachel Silverman
Improving Quality Scores Of Hypertensive Patients At Dunwoody Family MedicineSabine M. Moore Hypertension, PQRS, Quality Scores, blood pressure Keiko Azziz, RN; Tonya Gore BSN, RN; Martha Matthiessen BSN, RN; Sabine M. Moore BSN, RN; Toyosi Morgan, MD, MBA
Improving Radiology Final Report Turn Around Time for After Hours Emergency Department Imaging Exams at EUH and EUHM Emergency DepartmentJamlik-Omari JohnsonEmergency Department, Radiology Reports, Imaging Exams, Jamlik-Omari Johnson, MD, Dan MacFarlane, Greg Pennington
Improving Safety through Updating Medication Lists in Sports Medicine Sports MedicineKim ParkerMedication Lists, Staff Adherence, Safety Improvement Katherine Bonecutter, Adam Greenfield, Elliott Palmer
Improving Social Services Consult Compliance Rate for Stroke Patients EUH Stroke CenterTodd Settlemyre Social Services, Consult compliance Rate, Stroke Katja Bryant, Carol Pucciano, Rasheedah Carkum, Deborah Downey, Todd Settlemyre, Particia Ochuko, Terry Anderson, Amy Nally
Improving the Clinic Visit Summary Process in General Internal Medicine at MOT General Internal MedicineUrsula HigginsVisit Summary, Depart Form, Medication List Penny Lewis, Robin Taylor, Danielle Lovett, Kim Hightower, Cassandra Brown, Philonda Bell, Frederick Turton
Improving the Rate of HIV Testing in Eligible Clinic Patients: Implementation of a Dot Phrase and Template Change in EMR Primary CareAnnie MassartHIV Testing, Primary Care, Grady John Allen, Sana Shoukat, Rahul Maheshwari, Meghan Lyman, Heather Batchelor, Milan Patel, Benjamin DeMoss, Zenobia Jonesfoster, Bhavin Adhyaru, Nurcan Ilksoy
Improving the Rate of Response to Safety Events in Radiology RadiologyBobbie BurrowSTARS Incident Reports, Risk Management, Radiology Debra Carter, Katy Day, Christian Elliott, Cindy Gaskins, Deb Smith, Steve St Louis, Cynthia Sutz, Delicia Votaw, Trecia Wertz
Improving the Rates of Patients Bringing their Medications to the Clinic: the Show-Your-Medications (SYM) Project Primary CareM'jid ShafiqMedication reconcilliation, Primary Care, Show your medications M'jid Shafiq, Ramin Saghafi, Brittany Thomas, Diana Barb, Anwer Habib, Trung Nguyen, Viv'k Nautiyal, Aalok Patel, Nicholas Mantini, Marion Howard, Smitha Marri, Robin Klein, Karen Luster, Nurcan Ilksoy
Improving the Rates of Patients Bringing their Medications to the Clinic: the Show-Your-Medications (SYM) Project Primary CarePeter FlueckigerMedication Errors, Medrec, Medication Reconciliation Ijeoma Ejigiri, Anita Kelkar, Ramin Saghafi, Brittany Thomas, Viv'k Nautiyal, Aalok Patel, Nicholas Mantini, Smitha Marri, Robin Klein, Jada Bussey-Jones, Nurcan Ilksoy
Improving the Recognition and Assessment of Obesity In the Resident Primary Care Clinic Primary CareJustin CheeleyDocumentation Improvement, Obesity, BMI, Primary Care, EMR Meena Prasad MD, Sapna Patel MD, Justin Cheeley, MD, Hassaan Iman, MD, Jennifer Larson, MD, Sara Lofgren, MD, Jessica McDermott, MD, Kara Mould, MD,, Jia Shen, MD, Jessie Torgersen, MD, Kobina Wilmot, MD, Kristina Lundberg, MD, Jada Bussey-Jones MD, Nurcan Ilksoy MD
Increase Mobilization of Surgical Patients Surgical ICUCheryle CollinsICU, mobilization, bed rest Cheryle Collins, Jamie Sinclair, Cynthia Bond, Michael Sterling
Increasing the Rate of Tdap Vaccination Offering to Patients in a Resident Run Urban Community Primary Care Clinic Primary CareVictor WuTetanus, Tdap, Vaccination, Primary Care, Vaccination Rates Victor Wu, MD, Bonnie Prokesch, MD, Vikas Gupta, MD, Anna Skold, MD, Jean Koff, MD, Matthew Neff, MD, Jeremy Wang, MD, Akram Ibrahim, MD, Shawn Koura, MD, Gayathri Kumar, MD, Christopher Goodman, MD, Marcus Magnussen, MD, Lorenzo DiFrancesco, MD, Anna Kho, MD Nurcan Ilksoy MD
Intentional Bathroom Breaks as a Fall Reduction Strategy CardiologyKim KnottsFall Reduction, Bathroom Breaks, Falls Kim Knotts, MSN, RN; Kristie Koch, BS; Polly Willis, MSN, RN, PCCN
Intentional Rounding on Unit 41 CardiologyKimberly KnottsReducing Falls, Fall Rate, Coronary CCU Kristie Koch, Sandra Thomason, Sharlene Toney, Brooke Kamke
Intentional Rounding - Team Nursing TOCUnit 31 SurgeryRick GitomerIntentional Rounding Dr. Gitomer, Carol Passley, Cynthia Bond, Carol Cross, Taviana McClendon, Kathy McKenney, Tania McKenzie,-Ming, Stephanye Hicks
Internal Medicine (TEC A4) Check-out Waits & Delays Internal MedicineSanket ShahWaits, Delays, Check-Outs Sanket Shah, Duane Reynolds, Drue Robidoux, Steven Blubaugh, Tyria Washington, Miata McBride, Check-out/Med Sec Teams, Eddy Chen (RSPH), David Franklin (TEC Coach)
Invoicing for Institutional Review Board (IRB) Amendment Fees Office for Clinical ResearchWenona FavorsWinship Cancer Institute, Hematology & Oncology, Research Trials Rekha Menon, Andrena Lawrence, Melissa Phomlavanh, Michelle Robinson, Ron Roemer, Carmine Santionne
Invoicing for Investigational Drug Service Monthly Maintenance Fees Hematology & Medical OncologyRon RoemerIDS, recievables, invoicing Ron Roemer Pam Terry
IR On Time Start RadiologyRichard Wright Improved Start Time, Ontime Start, Dr. Kevin Kim Dr. Gail Peters Dr. Roger Williams Pearlitta Kitt R.N. Richard Elliot R.N. Chanay Knight R.T. Dr. Bradley Rodstad Habib Tannir Chrystal Barnes Dr. Kimberly Applegate Dr. Kevin Kim
Medicare Rights Notification Compliance AdmissioinsLaura NicholsMedicare Rights, CMS, Compliance Miriam Laster, Pat Kelly, Dianne Crowell, Leslie Caesar, Jen Schuck
Medication Coverage at Discharge Emory Liver Transplant CenterSarah B. ToddLiver Transplant, Discharge, Medication Coverage Wanda Allison, Angela Broom, Carla Cody, Cynthia Devroy, Joann Nalitz, Tomeka Ortiz, Dianne Thackston, Jessica Alexander, Kathy Lohmuller, JP Norvell, Alecia Walker
No Patient Left Behind, Real Time SCIP Data Collection SurgeryRoberta Nichols-Covin SCIP, SCIP compliance, core measures, Orthapedics Roberta Nichols-Covin MA, RN, CNOR, UD Reuben Wechsler, MD Anesthesia Director Shae Jones BSN, RN Pam Sapp MN, RN, OCNS-C Jane Vosloh, BA, RN, CNOR (not pictured) Executive Sponsor: June Connor MN, RN, NE-BC
Notification of Waits and Delays to Patients Primary CareMonica AgrawalWaits, Delays, Patient Communication Corey Hall, Barbara Chelton, Vangie McKenzie, Eveline Mensah
Omnicell Reconciliation CardiologyWanda WilsonOmnicell, Medication Variance, Pharmacy
Ontime Starts for Chemotherapy Infusion CenterCathy ParkerChemotherapy, On-Time Starts, Infustion Center Katherine Wright, Tanya Frett, Evelyn Williams, Stephanie Jones, Charise Gleason, Lina Lattouf
Oral Care with Chlorhexidine Gluconate: Does it Reduce VAP rates? ICUCarolyn HolderICU, reduction VAP rates, CHG compliance Carolyn Holder RN, MN, CCRN, Clinical Nurse Specialist Georgia Jackson, RN, MPH
Orthopaedics Charge Capture Improvement General OrthopedicsMichelle MurphyMissing Charges, Charge Capture, Orthopedics Yamen El Alam, Ethel Dean, Deb Bailey, Jenel Robinson
Partial Hospitalization Program Geriatric Depression Scale Compliance Wesley Woods Partial Hospitalization ProgramKaren JamesDepression, Geriatric, Partial Hospitalization Pat Rich, Jenny Barwick, Melissa Bower, Frank Brown, Ed Lawrence
Patient Cycle Time Laboratory Building A Emory LabsRachel SmithPatient Labs, Cycle Time, Patient Waits Nancy Arroyo, Brandi Freeman, Jessica McKenzie, Chuck Nicolaysen
Patient - Practice Communications, Department of Neurology NeurologyDavid FranklinCall center, call center process, neurology, Tracy Lettingham, Susan Ferguson, Kimbrey Poole, Rebecca McRae, Sonja Sanders, Tanya Newman, Reanna Hopkins, Marilyn Thomas, Gail Stafford, Alan Dow, David Franklin
Patients who Leave the PACU with a Urinary Catheter and No Order SurgeryDedee HamsonSCIP, Foley Catheter Defect, CAUTI Janet Standen, Anne Gore, Becky Maple, Vickie Fisher, Dorethea Pippen, Rita Richardson, Monica Tenant
Please Release Me: A Restraint Reduction Initiative Nursing ServicesPam CosperRestraint reduction Provine B, Cosper P,Thomason S, Beard C, Branan A, Goodrum N, Gray M, Hill C, James C, Long N, Longo D, Maloney K, McCune D, Meyer E, Miranda L, Morelock V, Mulkowsky L, Sapp P, Trott M, Webb A, Wertz K, Zellinger M
Preoperative Beta Blocker Administration Quality Improvement Initiative Cardiology, Cardiovascular SurgeryIman AzizBeta Blocker, Coronary Bypass, Preoperative Nathan Spell, Richard Gitomer, Roman Sniecinski, Kathy Glas, Peggy Duke, Jamie Ramsey, Keith Causey, Christian Anton, Edward Chen, Renee McLaughlin, Robin Hynes Norris, Sharon Quinn, Lou Bottoms, Mary Zellinger, Courtenay Wannamaker, John Puskas
Prevention of Contaminated Blood Cultures: Protecting Patients from Additional Interventions Infectious DiseasesMarcia Postal-RanneyContamination, Blood Cultures, Infection Control Tina Vick, Hasan Shabbir
Provider Billing & Schedule Link Improvement Project MedicineLeah Bakerprovider schedule, billing, reduce errors Leah Baker, Tinika Brown, Desta Bailey, Liz Hubbard, Melanie Clark
Psychiatric Patients in the ED - Wording of the Safety Hold Order Emergency DepartmentJacquelyn Byrd psychiatric, safety hold order compliance, suicide Jacquelyn Byrd, Kathryn Carden, Nicole Franks, Scott Sasser, Barbara Edwards, Judith Jacobs
Quality Project to Reduce Absenteeism at the Transitions Senior Program Transitions Senior ProgramPatricia RichPartial Hospitalization, Absenteeism, Transitions Senior Program Karen James, Jenny Barwick, David Mueller, Megan Jones, Marguerite Brunache, Mary Font-Moon, Ed Lawrence, Frank Brown
Radiology Report Attestations RadiologyWendy LybrandAttestation, Residention, Process Improvement Wendy Lybrand, Karen Boles, Kimberly Applegate, William Torres, Kristen Baugnon,
Radiology Report Attestations RadiologyWendy LybrandAttestations, Compliance, Radiology Karen Boles, Kimberly Applegate, William Torres, Kristen Baugnon
Reduce Errors in Height and Weight Assessment and Documentation for Winship Cancer InstituteOncologyKevin SchrefflerHeight, Weight, Measurment Errors Marva Davis, Natasha Hemsley, Tori Tribue
Reducing Breast MRI No-ShowsRadiologyAnna HolbrookBreast MRI, Imaging, CancellationsMichael Aho, Mimi Newell, Mary Cummings, Tiffany McLaughlin
Reducing Central Line Infections in 11 ICU Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiovascular SurgeryDiane RoyalCLABSI, Central Line, Infections
Reducing Door to Antibiotic Administration Time in Suspected Sepsis Emergency MedicineTodd SettlemyreAntibiotics Administration Time, Sepsis, Septicemia Sujo Das, Carol Endres, Hasan Shabbir
Reducing Idle Room Time at Winship Clinic ClinicAstha PurohitReduce patient wait times, Patient wait times, Idle room time Astha Purohit J. Michael Cobb
Reducing Imaging Exam Order-to-Start Turnaround Time for ED Patients at EUH Emergency Medicine, RadiologyCaitlin MotleyCT Exam, ED, Radiology Gavin McBrearity, Shelley Rosmarin, Deb Smith
Reducing Inappropriate Blood Transfusions Office of Quality & RiskMariana BothaBlood Transfusions, Inappropriate Blood Transfusions Botha M, Ponnamballam S, Shabbir H, Tong D
Reducing Mechanical Restraint in an Acute Behavioral Health Setting PsychiatryRobert CotesPsychiatry, Restraint, Seclusion Nanenia Chadwick, Mat Winer, Michael Claeys, Carolyn Coley, Cynthia Eugene, Barbara D'Orio, William McDonald
Reducing Post-Operative Urinary Tract Infections: Implementation of a Nurse-driven CAUTI Protocol on 10E SurgeryIrene WheelerUTI, Post-Operative, CAUTI Rachel M. Owen, Corinne Slack, Anthony Ojekunle, John F. Sweeny
Reducing the Debt on Outstanding Invoiced Activity Office for Clinical ResearchMichelle RobinsonClinical Research, Invoiced Debt, Outstanding Invoices Julia McDowell
Reducing the Rate of "Nonclassifiable" PCI Procedures for Appropriate Use Criteria Reporting in Two Teaching HospitalsCardiologyAbhinav GoyalPercutaneous Coronary Intervention, PCI, AUC Mary Casey, Michael McDaniel, Reza Fazel, Henry Liberman, Nicole Picardo, Nathan Spell III, Leslee Shaw, Habib Samady
Reduction in Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia ICUDebra BarkerPneumonia, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, VAP Debra Barker, Carol Batchelder, Jane Bockman, Colleen Campbell, Michael Connor, Irolda Douglas, Jesse Jacob, Kristie Koch, Kenneth Leeper, Kim Lucas, Monica Maher, Patty Mercado, Vicki Morelock, David Murphy, Jamie Sinclair, Soraya Smith, Michael Sterling, Janice Temple, Ann Willingham, Bobby Wright, Wendy Wright, Joel Zivot
Reduction of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections, a Team Approach Critical Care, General Medicine, SurgeryMarcia Postal-RanneyCAUTI, Catheter, Urinary Tract Infection Christin Ko
Reduction of Urosepsis as a Cause for 30 Day Hospital Readmissions in Radical Cystectomy Patients UrologyChristine CoppingerReadmissions, Urology, Home Health Daniel Canter, Kathy E. Oldham, Susan Tomlin
Resource Utilization Nurse RadiologyJewel Adamsstandard of care, transportation standard, radiology, ICU patient Jewel Adams MSN, RN. FNP; Pam Cosper MSN, RN, NEA-BC; Carolyn Holder, MSN, RN, ANP-BC, CCRN; Ray Snider MSN, RN, CCRN; Mary Still MSN, RN, ANP-BC, CCRN; Vicki White MSN, RN
Revenue Cycle Improvement - Decrease Days in Accounts Receivables Ambulatory Surgery CenterAdam GobinASC, Accounts Receivables, Revenue Cycle Taylor Williams, David Franklin, Joseph Dee, James Mclver, Tevya Harley, Tiffany Price, Rochelle Stephens, Derek Marbell
Self-Pay Recovery - Budget Plans Patient Financial ServicesAndy RowlesBudget, Self-Pay, Finance Erik Reid, Nancy Malires, Nancy Brown, Melissa Molloy, Alida Griffin, Samia Tadros, Taylor Williams, Steve Van Hattum, David Franklin
Severe Sepsis Project Implementation Emergency MedicineMary Still Sepsis Screening, PowerPlan, Septicemia Mary Still, Jonathan Sevransky, Carolyn Holder, Bijal Shah, Sharon Vanairsdale, Greg Martin, Craig Coopersmith, Sara Gregg, David Murphy, Vicki Morelock, Carol Batchelder, Jackie Byrd, Ruth Lamm, Jim McMurtry
Show Me the Sugars! Primary CareSol AldreteDiabetes, Minority, Glucose Jeremy Chow, Juan Ortega-Legaspi, Lori Randall, Danny Treiyer, Kristen Lee, Christopher Garnett
Structured Family Meetings in the Medical ICU at Emory University Hospital Critical CareCarolyn HolderFamily Meetings, Communication, ICU Amy Hanik, Marisa Graziano, Debbie Gunter, Jonathan Sevransky, Ray Snider, Cecelia Easie-Witter
The Patient Satisfaction Experience: Enhancing Bedside Shift Report Medical OncologyWhitney MolaskyPatient Satisfaction, nursing, nursing quality, bedside shift Debbie McClendon, Debra Thompson, Denise Richardson, Brooke Kamke
Transfer Process In The MICU MICUAlicia Reed Patient transfers, transfer time Alicia Reed, Amy Hanik-Shift, Ray Snider, MICU Staff
Utilizing Clinical Resources to Reduce Clinical Messages Obstetrics and GynecologyLindsay MehalikClinical Messages, Clinical Calls, OBGYN Georgia Brogden, Chris Coppinger, Shi Arnold
Vein Treatment Center Cycle Time Vein Treatment CenterMeridith UsseryPatient Rooming Time, Cycle Time, Vascular Patients Steve Konigsberg, Debra Dice, Annette Gunnoud, Harvey Martin, Michele MacLeod
Workflow Redesign to Reduce Time Interval Between Patient Check-In and First Needle Stick for Ultrasound-Guided Thyroid Fine Needle Aspirations RadiologyCourtney MorenoPatient Wait Times, Radiology, Ultrasound Claire Travis, Marilyn Dickerson, Bobbie Hollis, Mike Bowen, Bill Small, Bill Torres