Consensual Teacher - Student Relationships

The relationship between teacher and student is the foundation of the academic mission of the University. This relationship vests considerable trust in the teacher, who, in turn, bears the responsibility to serve as mentor, educator, and impartial evaluator.

Inclement Weather

During a weather emergency, student safety is the highest concern.

Industry Relations

The primary missions of the School of Medicine are to provide outstanding educational programs for medical and graduate students and trainees; to provide the highest standard of clinical care for patients; to develop outstanding, knowledgeable physicians and scientists who serve the community and the world; and to conduct innovative and collaborative research and integrate this knowledge into the practice of medicine.

Involuntary Withdrawal of Student from EUSOM

Emory University considers the safety and welfare of its students, faculty, staff and patients a top priority. When a student engages in behavior that violates Emory's rules of conduct, the behavior will be addressed as a disciplinary matter under the applicable Student Conduct Code.

Personal Recordings

Students are not permitted to record (either via audio* or video) any Emory School of Medicine educational event without the prior expressed authorization of the faculty member.

Research Studies Involving School of Medicine Students as Subjects

All research studies that include Emory School of Medicine medical students as subjects (i.e. any study that requires human subject protections as defined in HHS 45CFR46 must be approved by the Executive Curriculum Committee (ECC).

Separation of Roles

Faculty and house staff members' professional or personal roles, should not conflict with their roles as teachers and evaluators of students.

Students as Chaperones

A chaperone's role regarding intimate examinations (those involving breast, genitalia or rectum), is both to protect patients from abuse, as well as to protect medical care providers from false allegations.

Students as Interpreters

Medical interpreting is a profession that requires training, experience, skills, knowledge of medical terminology, the Standards of Practice, and the Code of Ethics, as well as language fluency and proficiency in both English and the patient's language.

Student Employment During the MD Program

The schedule of studies and clinical activities of the MD Program requires full-time engagement of each student. Employment during any part of the educational program may interfere with studies and clinical work and seriously jeopardize a student's ability to complete the degree program.

Student Mistreatment

The School of Medicine strives for an environment that is respectful of all community members and does not tolerate mistreatment of students.

Use of School of Medicine Buildings

All student activities in the School of Medicine that require the reservation of space must submit a request for approval to Ms. Shikina Harrison in Student Affairs.

Last Modified: 7/24/2019