Tyrese Hinkins-Jones, MEd, EdS Associate Director, Programs - Medical Education

  • Team Supervisor
  • OASIS Oversight
  • Executive Curriculum Committee Staff Member


Tyrese Hinkins-Jones

Sherice Allen-Henry, JM, MS Assistant Director, Medical Education Programs

  • Oversight of Program Coordinators and Operations
  • Foundations Phase
  • Accommodations
  • Discovery & Medical Scholarship Subcommittee Staff Member


Sherice Henry

Charlotte Whitehead Assistant Director, Medical Education Programs

  • Program Evaluation Liaison
  • OASIS Manager
  • Society System Liaison
  • Program Evaluation Subcommittee Staff Member


Charlotte Whitehead

Jessica Wilson, MSW Senior Program Coordinator, Community Learning and Social Medicine

  • Discovery Phase
  • CLSM
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Educational Development Subcommittee Staff Member


Jessica Wilson

Vacant Program Coordinator, Assessment

  • Assessment
  • Foundations and Step Score Grade Liaison
  • Student Assessment Subcommittee Staff Member

Lauren Cowan, MEd Program Coordinator, Accreditation

  • Accreditation
  • Capstone
  • Website Administrator
  • LCME Working Group and LCME Executive Group Staff Member


Lauren Cowan

Catherine Hall Academic Records Specialist

  • Liaison for Medical Education and Student Affairs
  • SOM Canvas Specialist
  • Society Coordinator
  • Foundations Subcommittee Staff Member


Tiffany Reed, MPA Program Coordinator, Longitudinal

  • Essentials of Patient Care
  • Ethics
  • Integrations
  • Society Group Process Groups
  • Transition and Integration Subcommittee Staff Member