Medical Education's Mission, Vision, and Values


  • The Medical Education Team is entrusted to implement, manage, and enhance the MD curriculum.  The unit works with faculty, staff, and students to support the educational needs through curriculum development, course management, student assessment, program evaluation, and other related activities.


  • The Medical Education Team will be a high-performing unit of dynamic thought leaders who model forward-thinking approaches and innovation. We aim to impart knowledge to our stakeholders and to grow, improve, and develop ourselves.

Shared Values

  1. We embrace diversity, inclusion, and cultural humility.
  2. We collaborate freely and demonstrate respect and integrity in our interactions.
  3. We foster innovation, professional development, and self-actualization.
  4. We are passionate about having fun.
  5. We welcome challenges and build trust by consistently providing excellent service.
  6. We take pride in our work and the future of medical education.

Meet Our Leadership

The Medical Education leadership team is responsible for executing the medical education program leading to the MD degree, including curriculum development, society system, program evaluation, and student assessment.

Meet Team Members
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