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Sonya Green, PA-C, MMSc

Academic Society leader




 Emory University, Master of Medical Science, Physician Assistant Program

Graduated with High Honors, December 2003,

 Brown University, BA in International Relations, 1994

Concentration: Economic, political, and social development in “developing” countries and communities in the United States.

 Foreign language: Fluency in Spanish



 Director of Allied Health, Dekalb Physicians Group, Dekalb Medical Center, Decatur, Georgia November 2011-present

 Infectious Disease PA, Infectious Disease Program, Grady Health Systems, Atlanta, Georgia November 2006 – November 2011

 Cardiology PA, Cardiac Disease Specialist, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2004 – Nov 2006

 Research Project Coordinator, Emory School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease, Atlanta, Georgia January, 1999 – August, 2001

 HIV Health Educator and Counselor, Infectious Disease Program, Grady Health Systems, Atlanta, Georgia April, 1995 – November, 1997          


Chair of the PA/ NP Council of the Infectious Disease Program, 2007 2010

 Board of Directors of the International Women’s House (IWH), 2002 2011


Adjunct Faculty, Emory University Physician Assistant Program, September 2011 Present

Academic Society Leader


 NCCPA, Physician Assistant Certification; December 2003, re-certification exam 2009

 Physician Assistant License, GA Composite State Board of Medical Examiners, 2004 –present


After spending almost my entire professional career in HIV medicine, in 2011 I became the Director of Allied Health at Dekalb Medical Center. I am thrilled to be part of a growing movement of PA leaders and to be part of an organization that recognizes the integral role that PAs will play in health care reform.

 In addition to my professional roles at Dekalb Medical and in the Emory PA Program, I have two small children  and spend as much time as possible outside. We have a big garden in the summer and enjoy learning about the natural world.


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 S. Mohanan, W. Wood, S. Green and C. del Rio, Emory University School of Medicine; Abstract, "Successful Recruitment of African-Americans into HIV-related Focus Groups at Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta GA, “The 2000 National Conference on African-Americans and AIDS,” Washington, DC.

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