OPE Contact Information

We are here to help and make sure you have a successful postdoc experience at Emory. 

To learn more about who we are visit Meet Our Staff page

Our offices are located on:

1462 Clifton Rd. Suite 301 & 303

Atlanta, GA, 30322

If you have an emergency, please contact Dr. Lou Ann Brown at 404-727-5739 or Beverly Medley at 404-727-7590

Lou Ann Brown, PhD

Director and Assistant Dean, School of Medicine


Phone: 404-727-3302

Mary DeLong, PhD

Assistant Dean, School of Medicine


Phone: 404-727-3302

Brian Ciliax, PhD

Training Grants and Fellowships Facilitator

Email: bciliax@emory.edu

Phone: 404-712-8570

Beverly Medley

Sr. Program Coordinator

Email: beverly.medley@emory.edu

Phone: 404-727-7590