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Senior Promotions and Appointments

Senior promotions (Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and Associate Professor to Professor) occur by track/focus area on an annual schedule. Senior level appointments may be proposed throughout the academic year.

The new SOM Guidelines on Appointment, Promotion & Tenure were approved and effective as of 5/3/2017. The phase-in of these new guidelines will begin on September 1, 2017.

  • Faculty members appointed after Sept. 1, 2015 will automatically be considered under the new guidelines.
  • Faculty hired prior to Sept. 1, 2015 will have the option to select which guidelines they are reviewed under until Sept. 1, 2020.

Please consult with your department on specific deadlines, guidance and assistance.

Are you an administrator looking for additional information? Visit the Faculty Affairs and Development website for information on policies and procedures. 

Actions under 2011 Guidelines

Actions under 2017 Guidelines

  Quick Guides

*Internal deadlines will vary by department

Promotion Packet Process | Tenure Clock Dates

Templates & Samples

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The Emory University School of Medicine format is required by the dean's office for all promotion packets.

Teaching Portfolio

Teaching is an essential element of the academic mission of the School of Medicine and of a candidate's credentials for senior faculty appointment or promotion on the tenure, clinical and medical educator and service tracks and sometimes on the research track. All candidates who are proposed for appointment or promotion in the School of Medicine are required to document their teaching activities and evaluations in a teaching portfolio. 

Service Portfolio

The service portfolio provides faculty with the opportunity to highlight their service to patients, students, junior faculty, professional societies, and the Emory community, in addition to emphasizing service on a regional and national level. 

Personal Statement

  • Should be at least two pages and no more than five pages with 11 point font and 1 inch margins. 
  • Convey to people who do not know you your background, expertise, passion and plans for the future.
  • Discuss what you have done, what you are currently doing and what you plan to do in the next five years. Describing future plans is extremely important.
  • Address each of the tripartite mission areas (research, education, and clinical care)
  • Write in the first person (I plan, I am, I will...).
  • Be passionate in your writing.

Information for Selecting Evaluators

Letters of evaluation from both internal and external faculty are required for all senior level appointments and promotions.