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Celebration of Faculty Excellence

In 2014, Dean Larsen convened the Emory Medicine Recognitions Committee to expand and consolidate the awards and recognitions program as well as to track national award opportunities and coordinate the nomination process. The inaugural Celebration of Faculty Excellence was held on October 22, 2014 and honored over 200 faculty members throughout the School of Medicine. Faculty were recognized for 2014 senior promotions, outstanding clinical service as well as awards and accomplishments on the institutional, local, regional and national levels. Congratulations!

2014 Promotions and Honorees

Dean’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture and Award

The Dean's Distinguished Faculty Lecture and Award is among the most prestigious and celebratory honors that the School of Medicine can bestow on a faculty member. 

2014 Awardee: Kerry Ressler,M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Evangeline T. Papageorge Distinguished Teaching Award

The Evangeline Papageorge Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes excellence in the teaching of medical education and honors the legacy of Dr. Evangeline Papageorge 29G 37M. This award has become one of the most prestigious awards presented by the School of Medicine or Emory University.

2014 Awardee: Dr. Nicholas Krawiecki


Dean’s Teaching Award

Recipients are nominated by colleagues and students and chosen by the Teaching Awards Committee for their dedication to medical student teaching and their many contributions as course directors and mentors.

2013 Awardees:
Dr. Keith Delman
Dr. Joel Felner
Dr. Mary Jo Lechowicz
Dr. Wylie Nichols
Dr. Richard Pittman
Dr. Shanthi Srinivasan
Dr. Ram Subramanian
Dr. Joshua Wallsenstein


Alumni Awards

  • The Award of Honor is conferred upon a medical alumna/alumnus who has demonstrated distinguished service to the Medical Alumni Association, to the Emory School of Medicine, to Emory University, or to the profession of medicine.

2013 Recipient:  Dr. Jeffrey T. Nugent

  • The Distinguished Medical Achievement Award is conferred upon an individual who has achieved distinction in research, teaching, medical practice, or administration in an academic or public institution.

2013 Recipient: Dr. Juha Kokko

  • The Arnall Patz Lifetime Achievement Award honors distinguished alumni from the Emory School of Medicine who display extraordinary leadership and accomplishment in the field of medicine at the national or international level.

2013 Recipient: Dr. Nanette Wenger


Millipub Club

The MilliPub Club honors and recognizes current Emory faculty who have published one or more individual papers throughout their careers that have each garnered more than 1000 citations. Such a paper is commonly considered a “citation classic” and represents high impact scholarship. 

2013 Inductees:
Dr. Volkan Adsay
Dr. Kevin Ault
Dr. Scott D. Bowden
Dr. Lih-Shen Chin
Dr. Aloke Finn
Dr. Sagar Lonial
Dr. Kreton Mavromatis
Dr. Timothy Olsen
Dr. Fred Sanfilippo
Dr. Glen Satten
Dr. John Sevransky
Dr. Leslee Shaw
Dr. Guido Silvestri


Emory 1% Club

The Emory 1% Club honors and recognizes faculty who have received a 1% on an NIH grant.

2013 Inductees:
Dr. Richard Cummings
Dr. Baowei Fei
Dr. Hanjoong Jo
Dr. Karen Levy

Dr. Anice Lowen
Dr. Vincent Marconi
Dr. Viraj Master
Dr. Mirko Paiardini
Dr. Ajit Yoganathan


Game Changers

Through their research innovations and scientific discoveries, Emory University School of Medicine faculty have profoundly transformed the understanding and practice of medicine across the world. These faculty embody an Emory tradition of service and excellence.

2013 Awardee: Dr. Rafi Ahmed


Post-doc Merit Awards (OPE)

2013 Awardees:
Jianxiong Jiang
Raul Andero Gali
Eric Vitriol
Xianofeng Yang

Faculty Mentor Award (GDBBS)

This award recognizes graduate faculty who demonstrate excellence in mentoring, advising and nurturing the careers of younger trainees or colleagues.

2013 Awardee: Dr. Lawrence Boise