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Biomedical Imaging Technology Center (BITC)

The Biomedical Imaging Technology Center (BITC) is a core facility of the School of Medicine at Emory University and a research center of the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering, a joint department of Georgia Tech and Emory University.

The website for this Core Lab can be found at The links below will take you to pages on the Biomedical Imaging Technology Center website

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Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research in biomedical imaging, to provide support for researchers in and around the Emory community, and to provide training and dissemination of knowledge related to our expertise. With a Siemens Magnetom Trio 3T whole body MRI scanner dedicated for research and a high field Bruker BioSpec® 94/20 animal scanner, our research emphasizes biomedical magnetic resonance at high magnetic fields.

Our Focus

Our current focus is on functional brain imaging, high-field imaging, in vivo spectroscopy, and molecular imaging. actively evaluates current software packages to create an offering which addresses the needs of faculty, is complete, and supplies state-of-the-art solutions to Bioinformatics questions.

Our Supporters

Acknowledgement & Authorship

The Core Facilities at Emory are here to support your research. In order to ensure that the appropriate recognition is attributed to the facilities, please acknowledge the facilities on all publications.