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Michael Mina

Current Status: Alumni

Graduate Department: Population Biology, Ecology and Evolution

Previous Education: Senior Fellow - Research on water purification in Nicaragua , Dartmouth College;  

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY


Rock Climbing (if you're interested let me know), cooking, baking bread, keeping my house up to date.  Learning new statistical techniques and playing with them in R (yes its a hobby :-).  Other stuff but those are the biggies that I do often.  I also like to throw pottery on a wheel when I can and even get my hands into some good 'ol origami when I have the time.


"I study viruses, viral vaccines and their interactions with bacterial species.  In particular I am looking at the FluMist vaccine and its short and long term effects on bacterial diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract.  I accomplish this through a mixture of in vivo mouse work (Immunology and microbiology), human vaccine trials, statistical analyses of retrospective vaccine safety data and mathematical modeling of the dynamics of infectious diseases. I also work with Emory Trauma surgeons using mathematical tools to help predict various surgical events or death.  Currently I am working on a model to predict  when patients coming into a level 1 trauma center are going to require significant blood transfusions.  To make the work accessible, we are packaging the model into a mobile app for surgeons."

Graduation Year: 2016

Residency: Clinical Pathology, Harvard/Brigham & Women's Hospital