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Sean McMaster

Current Status: Alumni

Graduate Department: Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis

Previous Education: BS in Biochemistry & Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison;  

Advisor(s): Jacob Kohlmeier, PhD;

Hometown: Pleasant Prairie, WI


Beer brewing, camping, backpacking, coorkin


Factors that regulate and maintain CD8 T cell memory in the lung & airways

Respiratory virus infections are a significant source of annual morbidity and mortality, constituting a major human health problem worldwide. Memory T cell responses are critical for quickly limiting viral replication and mitigating unnecessary inflammation responsible for immunopathology. My work focuses on the regulation of resident memory CD8 T cell establishment and maintenance in the lung parenchyma and airways. Additionally my work has focused on the cross-reactive potential of memory T cells to convey heterosubtypic immunity to the novel and emerging H7N9 influenza virus. Further understanding of both areas could provide insight to the development of new methods for enhancing the quick and efficient clearance of respiratory infections, thereby limiting the potential for health complications, especially for patients with comorbidities.

Graduation Year: 2017

Residency: consulting