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Development of Careers and Specialty Choice


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Upcoming Events

M4 Mock Interviews

Sept. 17- Oct. 5 

Alumni Weekend

October 19-21

Cl2020-M4 Scheduling

October 23 5-p-7p

SOM 120

Choosing a career path is one of the most significant decisions a medical student will make. At Emory, career planning begins at matriculation and continues throughout medical school. 

The goal of EmoryDOCS (Development of Careers and Specialty Choice) is to advise and assist medical students about career decision-making, career exploration, choosing a specialty, and getting into residency. We also assist and develop relationships with Emory School of Medicine alumni.

Our program offers the tools necessary for you to succeed through counseling, workshops, mock interviews, information panels, alumni relations, self-assessment and career research.





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Program Contacts

Mary Dolan, MD, MPH                                           Shikina Harrison, MS
Director of EmoryDOCS                                           Program Coordinator, EmoryDOCS                                      

Student Advisory Board

Elizabeth Walker cl2019                                       Benjamin Meyer cl2020
M4 Class Representative                                           M3 Class Representative                           

Alumni Contact

Anna Kuo, MD
Peachtree Park Pediatrics