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Updates for RSS Activity Directors and Coordinators

15 Jan 2018 | Source: Kimberly Jefferies, Program Coordinator

All regularly scheduled series (RSS) are not required to complete the CME Course Approval for CME credit re-approval. Starting in 2013, all series wishing to re-apply for CME credit will complete the RSS Annual Review Form. 

In previous years, each regularly scheduled series submitted the 7 page CME Course Approval Form every year for re-approval.  In order to simplify the re-approval process, obtain more meaningful information, and encourage integrating quality improvement into RSSs, activity directors are asked to complete the 3 page Annual Review Form.  The Annual Review requires activity directors and physician planners to address improvements/changes to professional practice gaps, learning objectives and desired results as demonstrated by quality data and performance improvement.  The Annual Review Form also evaluates the effectiveness of the planned objectives and goals within the past year and documents educational planning for the upcoming months.

Every 4 years, all RSSs are required to submit a new CME Course Approval Form to update the CME Office on compliance of all ACCME criteria. 

If you need assistance completing the new RSS Annual Review Form or have additional questions, please contact the Program Coordinator, Kimberly Jefferies.