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How to use FlowJo off-campus using an Emory VPN connection

Follow these instructions to create and open a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to the Emory system.

Then fire up FlowJo (make sure you've registered FlowJo!) Let us know if you have any questions.

How to connect to the Flow Core server for data transfer

Protocols and Procedures

Training Materials


Guide to Getting a Great Sort Sort Buffer Selection  In order to avoid the common pitfalls inevitable in preparing cells for sorting, we recommend reading the following links:

Sorting Presentations

  • Source Lab PI: Dr. Rafi Ahmed, PhD
  • Client: Dr. Kim Kawamura, PhD
  • Source material: P14 chimeras (B6 mice initially transferred with 106 P14 splenocytes) and then immunized with DNA
  • Sort criteria: separate out CD62L hi and lo populations from DNA- immunized mice 62 days post-vaccination
  • Sort goal: to use the sorted cells to make RNA for gene chip analysis
  • Sort protocol: high-speed two-step sort


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