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Supplies, Parking, Transportation and Books


Each student is required to furnish certain equipment, which must meet standard requirements of the medical faculty.  The University assumes no financial responsibility for this equipment.  Purchase of a microscope is not required.  Freshmen and sophomores have the option of using a microscope provided by the medical school at no cost.  Juniors and seniors use departmental and hospital microscopes. The course director gives specifications for diagnostic equipment at the appropriate time during the first course in which an instrument is required.  This equipment may be purchased at a number of the commercial suppliers listed in the yellow pages of the local telephone book under “Hospital Supplies and Equipment.”  More often, however, a medical student in the class handles the purchase of diagnostic equipment for all classmates who wish to purchase it.  The purchase is thus more convenient for students and without extra cost, since the student seller usually can obtain the material at reduced prices.  Laboratory coats and white coats are required for students on clinical clerkships and are available at the University Medical Bookstore. Patches for the White Coats are available from the Admissions office.

The Office of Admissions is responsible for ordering White Coats for the first year students.  Each coat has an EUSM logo patch which must be sewn onto the upper left sleeve.  A set of ID badges for laboratory coats and white jackets is also provided to students at the time of Registration and should suffice for all four years of medical school. 


The Emory University Medical Bookstore, located on Oxford Road on the Emory Campus, offers books and supplies at reasonable prices to students, faculty, and staff.


Meals are available at the Dobbs University Center (“the DUC”) on the Emory Campus, Asbury Court in the Emory Hospital, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Egleston Cafeteria, Cox Hall Cafeteria, Zaya Mediterranean Cafe at the Depot, The School of Medicine Coffee Bar & Cafe and at nearby restaurants. Many students choose to bring their lunch. Two refrigerators and several microwaves are available in the student lounge located on the second floor of the SOM. For information call the Director of Food Services, Emory University, at (404) 727-6407.

Outside Employment of Students

The schedule of studies in the School of Medicine requires the full time of the student.  The administration, therefore, views with disfavor outside employment that may interfere with the quality of academic performance.  Students must discuss their situation with the appropriate Associate Dean and obtain permission before accepting outside employment.

Vehicle Registrations, Parking, and Traffic Regulations    

Emory University issues parking hang tags, which provide greater flexibility to those who register for University parking privileges.  One tag is issued to each registered driver, and registered drivers may transfer hangtags from one vehicle to another.  This parking permit carries the philosophy that the University registers drivers rather than vehicles.  All registered drivers share a responsibility to maintain safety and to follow the University Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations.  All traffic and parking rules and regulations are managed by and available from the University Parking Office located at the Starvine Parking Deck on the Clairmont Campus (404-727-PARK or 404-727-7275). 

Options include:

  • Annual Passes (Valid September 1st through August 31st)-Purchase price is $660/year. Can be purchased at anytime throughout the year, and the cost is prorated with each passing month beginning in October. The pass can be returned for a prorated refund(per Parking Services refund schedule) up until March 1st. This is the most cost effective option for students who are parking, on average, more than 15 times/month. Student assignment options are: Peavine (limited availability), Michael Street and Clairmont.

  • Eagle Pass  - Purchase price $80/20 daily swipes. Swipes can be added to the permit in increments of $80 and can be added online.  This is the most cost effective option for students who are parking, on average, less than 15 business days per month. This option allows students to “pay as you go”. Unused swipes can be returned for a refund. Student assignment options are Peavine (limited availability), Michael Street or Clairmont.

  • Please note: The annual pass can be prorated for a partial year which would be completely appropriate for students during the Foundations and Discovery Phase (if done at Emory). The other option would be available for students during the Application and Translation Phases.  The Eagle Pass has the advantage of “online” loading.  Another option is to use the Cliff Shuttle or ride your bike to school. The School of Medicine has showers, bike lockers and bike racks if you desire. The OMESA Welcome Center is where you can sign up for a locker.

Clinical Clerkships at Grady and Other Affiliated Hospitals

  • As students begin their clinical clerkships at Grady Memorial Hospital in their Application Phase, instructions regarding parking at Grady and other affiliated hospitals, hospital regulations, and other matters pertaining to clerkship duties are given to the students by the Office of the Dean for Clinical Education at Grady. You can reach the Grady Office by calling 404-778-1372.

Cliff routes & schedules can be found on the Emory Website.

Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) is focused on providing faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors with safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services.

Contact Information: Contact a Transportation Services representative or visit the Transportation Services Offices in the Clairmont Campus Parking Deck (1945 Starvine Way, Atlanta, 30322). Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Phone: 404-727-1829
Fax: 404-712-9219