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Access to Records and Official Transcripts

As indicated in previous sections, students are kept informed whenever any question is raised regarding the quality of their academic performance or their professional conduct.  The faculty reports grades to the Office of Medical Education and Student Affairs who then reports course grades directly to the Executive Associate Dean and official reports are then sent to the University Registrar for permanent records/transcripts.   

At the end of each semester, students can login to the Emory Home Page ( and access the OPUS system to obtain their course grades, accumulated hours of credit, and grade point average.  Students are responsible for updating relevant statistical data such as current address, phone, and marital status or name change. If any discrepcencies appear on the transcript, students are encouraged to contact the Associate Director of Registration and Student Affairs immediately so the record can reflect the correct information. 

Upon written request to the SOM Registrar, students or graduates can receive a copy of their academic record (transcript) at Emory University through the last academic year of work taken.  If the student prefers, an official transcript can be mailed to a specifically requested agency or organization, provided the student’s financial status with the University is clear (no indebtedness except for loans with approved repayment schedules). All transcripts include the entire academic record at Emory University; the Registrar will issue no partial statements of record as transcripts.  Report of performance in courses before the end of the academic year may be sent to any agency or institution by one of the School’s administrative officers on written request by the student. Beginning in August of 2013 there are no fees connected with requesting your transcript. 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their federal education records.   Detailed information pertaining to FERPA and other regulations regarding student records may be found in the Emory University Campus Life Handbook, which is located online for all medical students and students are reminded of this resource at their annual registration orientation.