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Student Files

The official record of each Emory University School of Medicine student is maintained in the School of Medicine. These records include information that assists in evaluating the progress of students in obtaining their medical education. It is the policy of Emory University School of Medicine that these records are kept secure and are not available to anyone other than faculty members and administrators of the School who have an appropriate need to review a student’s attendance or progress.

Other than information covered in the “Consent to Release Information” form, no information is released to external sources without written permission from the student.

A medical student may be granted permission by the Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education/Student Affairs or their designee to review the contents of his/her record but only after giving 48 hours notice. Students can contact the Director of OMESA or their designee in order to receive the proper paperwork.

While students are enrolled in the School of Medicine, the student file may contain the following:

  • Official Premedical Education Transcripts
  • Admissions application
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Georgia Residency Affidavit
  • Clerkship Evaluations
  • Consent to Release Information Form
  • Verification of TB mask fit testing
  • Documentation of a student’s current waived student health insurance card
  • Information regarding research or scholarship activities
  • Honor Code Compliance Signature
  • Dean's Letter
  • USMLE Registration or Scores
  • Letters concerning probation, deceleration, leave of absence, failure to be promoted, or disciplinary actions
  • Notes concerning health problems are not maintained unless said health problems influence academic or clinical performance.

Copies of the documents can be made by authorized OMESA Welcome Center staff but all original documentation must remain in the file. The OMESA Welcome Center is located in P375 in the School of Medicine. Students are invited to stop in the Welcome Center to have questions answered or for help with administrative issues.  An OMESA REQUEST FOR SERVICE SUPPORT FORM is available at the Welcome Center front desk or by calling OMESA at (404) 727-5655.

 Functions of the Welcome Center include:

  • Access to SOM after hours
  • Enrollment verification
  • Request copies from permanent file
  • Intent to Graduate letter
  • Request for exclusion of Jury Duty during medical school rigors
  • Emergency Loan Request
  • Request Compliance Verification Forms
  • Degree Verifications for Medical Board/Residency Programs
  • Assistance in booking space in R25
  • Fax/Copy Documents
  • Monitoring and Faciltiating the Sign up for USMLE Board Examinations