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Student Insurance

Liability Insurance

Full-time, fully enrolled students of Emory University School of Medicine are covered by professional medical liability insurance on their regular clerkships and while on approved elective programs at other institutions or at off-campus sites.  However, students are not covered on non-school related summer jobs or non-credit programs in which they may be engaged for which they have failed to obtain prior approval of the Dean’s Office.  Students must pay a Graduate in Residence registration fee in order to be covered.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

All students enrolled full-time in the Emory University School of Medicine are provided with group long-term disability insurance coverage.  For the 2013-2014 academic year this coverage is provided by The Guardian Insurance Co., Inc.  Additional information concerning the plan is available through the plan administrators, InsMed, Inc., 1-800-214-7039. All seniors will be given the option to extend the policy upon graduation if desired.  Representatives from InsMed, Inc. are available by phone to discuss the options to graduating seniors.

Student Health Insurance

Student Health insurance coverage for sickness, accidents and hospitalization is required of all Emory students, including medical students. Coverage must be continuous from the date of enrollment until the date of graduation. The Emory-sponsored plan will be available at registration. An overview of the 2013-2014 Emory/Aetna Student Health Insurance Policy is available at the EUSHCS website at Students who do not enroll in this plan are required to complete an online waiver process at confirming that the coverage is comparable and meets Emory University waiver criteria. The Health Insurance Wiver site will open on May 2013 and will remain open until August 28, 2013. Students will have unlimited access to the waiver site during this time. If a waiver is not successfully completed by July 1st, students will be charged and enrolled in the Emory/Aetna policy (via their pre-term bill) but will still have until August 28th to successfully complete the waiver process. Maintaining health insurance coverage is a requirment for continued enrollment. Be sure to always register in the School of Medicine insurance option so your insurance never lags. Please note that this requirement applies to Emory employees who are taking classes as a part of a degree-seeking program and to the children of Emory employees.  Even if you have Emory employee insurance, you must complete a waiver if you do not wish to be enrolled in the student insurance plan.

Students must complete the health insurance waiver process for EACH year they are enrolled at Emory. The OPUS waiver site will open in late spring (April or May) and close on the first day of the fall classes in Emory College (late August).

Additionally, as a result of national healthcare reform, students may now be eligible to remain on a parent's insurance plan until age 26.  You may want to contact your insurance carrier if you have questions about this legislation. Maintaining health insurance coverage is a requirement for continued enrollment in the School of Medicine at all times. If using the Emory Student Health Plan ALWAYS enroll in the SCHOOL OF MEDICINE so your insurance NEVER lapses.