Reporting Mistreatment

Student mistreatment is contrary to the values, respect, civility, and community as set forth in the University's Statement of Ethical Principles. Medical students who experience mistreatment themselves or observe other students experiencing possible mistreatment are expected and encouraged to follow the following reporting process.

The initial step is for students to discuss the incident of mistreatment with their Society Small Group Advisor (SGA) in a confidential but not anonymous manner. SGA's develop a longitudinal relationship with each medical student and play an essential role in their development. SGA's have the experience to understand the context of the alleged offense and the training to guide the student to the next most appropriate action steps for resolution.

Students may choose to seek resolution through several other pathways. Any or all of the following persons may be contacted in seeking guidance to resolve an incident of experienced or observed mistreatment:

  1. A different Small Group Advisor
  2. The Director of the Society System: Dr. Mary Jo Lechowicz
  3. One of the Deans of the School of Medicine
  4. The Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs

The Society Advisors and Deans are trained to respond to complaints related to student mistreatment. The Society Advisors and Deans will report any alleged mistreatment to appropriate School and/or University officials as per the policies that apply to the report.

After discussing the mistreatment with their Society Advisor, another Society Advisor, or a dean, subsequent actions by the student may include any or all of the following:

Direct Communication with the Person Alleged to have Mistreated the Student

If the student feels comfortable speaking directly with the alleged offending person to address concerns and obtain an appropriate resolution, the student may do so.

File an Internal Complaint (within the School of Medicine)

A student who believes he or she has been mistreated may file a written complaint (via email or hard-copy) with the Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs. The complaint should include the name(s) of those accused of mistreatment, the names of any witnesses of the alleged mistreatment, the nature of the alleged action(s), the date and times of the alleged action(s), and any adverse consequences experienced by the student.

If the mistreatment includes alleged sexual misconduct by a student, a report will be submitted to the University Title IX officer. If the mistreatment is alleged to be of a discriminatory nature and by a staff member, a faculty member, or others in the educational environment, the report will be submitted to the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) for review.

If the alleged mistreatment is not sexual or discriminatory harassment, the Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs will investigate the alleged mistreatment and make a report to the Dean of the School of Medicine, when possible, within 30 days of the filing of the complaint. The Dean or his or her designee will be responsible for deciding upon and imposing disciplinary action(s).

File an External Complaint

If a student believes he or she has been subjected to unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation as described in Emory University Policy 1.3, the student may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Last modified: 7/21/2017