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Objectives and Competencies

Emory’s Vision for Teaching and Education

Emory University School of Medicine will have the highest quality educational programs in undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, academic health program, and continuing medical education.  The school’s programs will achieve national and international recognition for programs that:

  • Promote life-long learning by focusing on scholarship and the skills for independent and critical thinking;
  • Educate outstanding clinicians with both an understanding of basic sciences and a high degree of competence and compassion in the diagnosis and treatment of disease;

Provide a strong foundation for training of both specialty and primary care physicians who are dedicated to delivery of superior health care.

  • Develop clinical and academic leaders who possess a strong foundation in research;
  • Foster the student-faculty relationship in an environment of cooperation that equally values education, research and clinical service; and
  • Endorse a commitment to public health and community service.
  • To provide a scholarly foundation in biomedical sciences for understanding the etiology, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease;
  • To provide skills in clinical medicine necessary for graduate medical education and clinical practice;
  • To teach students to manage and evaluate medical information effectively, efficiently and critically, thereby assuring scientific literacy;
  • To develop effective communication skills for utilization in the care of patients and in interaction with peers;
  • To encourage ethical and moral behavior in the practice of medicine;
  • To teach scientific concepts and methodologies and provide an environment that promotes research opportunities for all medical students;
  • To encourage a scholarly approach to medical problems and life-long learning habits; and
  • To develop leaders in medicine and science through an environment of academic and clinical excellence.

Competencies Expected of EUSOM Graduates 2012-2013

The nine competencies are:

  1. Communicating Effectively
  2. Personal Awareness, Growth and Care
  3. Application of Medical Knowledge
  4. Critical Analysis and Contribution
  5. Lifelong Learning
  6. Patient - Centered Care
  7. Clinical Practice
  8. Moral Reasoning and Clinical Ethics
  9. Professionalism