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Evaluation of Professional Conduct

The medical school faculty of Emory University has established standards for determining the ethical and professional fitness of medical students to participate in the medical profession.  The evaluation of ethical behavior and professionalism is an ongoing process during medical school, and the successful completion of each block, clerkship and phase of the curriculum requires that a student meet the appropriate ethical and professional standards as determined by the faculty.

Any question of a student’s academic integrity should be referred to the honor council as per the Honor Code. The Honor Code procedure is described in its own section.  Unprofessional behavior that occurs as part of the student’s academic studies should be referred to the course or clerkship director for the course in which the behavior occurred.  All other unprofessional behavior should be reported to the EAD. 

Unprofessional behavior that does not involve academic dishonesty as described in the Honor Code, may be addressed either in the Progress and Promotions Committee or as per the Conduct Code, depending upon the nature of the behavior, and the setting and circumstances in which it occurred.  The EAD will determine whether the alleged unprofessional behavior should be directed to the Progress and Promotion’s Committee or handled as a Conduct Code matter.   The Conduct Code procedure is described in its section.  Any unsatisfactory evaluation for professionalism during a course or clerkship should be reported to the course or clerkship director, or Executive Associate Dean, as appropriate.  If this report is given to the course or clerkship director, it must be forwarded to the Executive Associate Dean or the Dean’s designee and the relevant Progress and Promotions Committee.