Basic Expectations/Inherent Authority

The primary purpose for the imposition of non-academic discipline in the School of Medicine setting is to protect and preserve the quality of the educational environment in the campus community. This purpose entails several basic expectations:

  • That the School of Medicine and the University at large assumes high standards of courtesy, integrity, and responsibility in all of its members;
  • That each student is responsible for his/her conduct and that continuation as a student is conditional upon compliance with the requirements of student conduct expressed or implied in this Code.

The School of Medicine reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the campus community and the patients we serve. The Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs is charged with the welfare of all medical and health professions programs students. Accordingly, in emergency situations, this individual has full authority to deal with student conduct according to the exigencies of the emergency and for its duration.

The School of Medicine is not designed or equipped to rehabilitate students who do not abide by this Code. It may be necessary to remove those students from the campus and to sever the institution’s relationship with them as provided in this Code.

The Senior Vice President and Dean for Campus Life is delegated responsibility pertaining to all student organizations and student government and, in conjunction with the Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs, has the responsibility and authority to discipline such organizations whose members are students within the School of Medicine.


Last modified: 7/27/2018