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Grade Appeal Process

Students are encouraged to discuss evaluations and final grades with the block, course or clerkship director.  If a student wishes to appeal a final grade or evaluation, this should be presented in writing to the Executive Associate Dean of Medical Education and Student Affairs (EAD), within 30 days of receiving the grade.  The appeal may be based on the process that leads to the final grade/evaluation and/or questions of factual content of the evaluation process.  The EAD will then review the basis for the appeal of the final evaluation and/or grade.  The EAD may review the final grade or evaluation in terms of 1) the process that led to the final grade/evaluation, and/or 2) questions of factual content that led to the final grade/evaluation. 

Upon review, the EAD may find that there is no basis, based on process or factual content, for a change of final grade or evaluation.  Alternatively, the EAD may recommend that the block, course, or clerkship director consider any of the following:  1) for questions regarding factual content, the EAD may recommend that the block, course, or clerkship director submit the questions and answers to a group of faculty in the field for review; 2) for questions regarding process or factual content, the EAD may suggest additional assessment of student performance and subsequent reconsideration of the evaluation/grade; or 3) The EAD may suggest a change of grade/evaluation.  The course director will then consider the recommendation made by the EAD and submit a written response to the EAD and a re-considered final grade/evaluation.  All grade appeals along with responses by the block, course, or clerkship director and the EAD will be forwarded to the Chair of the Progress and Promotions Committee that covers the grade or evaluation in question, for their information and record. After review by the EAD and submission of the re-considered grade/evaluation, the student may appeal any decision to the Dean of the Medical School.  The decision by the Dean of the Medical School shall be final.