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Dual Degree Programs

MD/PhD Program (Medical Scientist Training Program)

The standard curriculum plan for students in the MD/PhD program includes: 1) Foundation of Medicine Phase (plus additional MD/PhD activities); 2) 3 or more years of graduate study for the completion of the Ph.D. Degree; and 3) a return to the Application and Translation Phases of the medical curriculum.  This order may be altered in consultation with the directors of the MD/PhD program and the OMESA Deans. 

Re-entry into the School of Medicine Following Graduate School

Clinical rotations for returning MD/PhD students cannot begin before the PhD thesis defense.  Students should have their thesis completed and submitted to their Thesis Committee in the Graduate School at least two months prior to re-entry, allowing time for the thesis defense prior to re-entry into medical school.  All MD/PhD students take a two week Clinical Refresher course prior to re-entry, which reviews concepts of clinical medicine, physical exam and presentation skills, and the development of a diagnostic/treatment plan. This course, held in August, is required of all MD/PhD students starting clinical rotations in the next academic year.

Upon re-entry, the first clinical month is usually a month of Inpatient Internal Medicine.  This month serves as a reintroduction to clinical medicine. The student will be evaluated on this introductory rotation, but the rotation will not be calculated into the student's final Applications Medicine grade.  Most returning MD/PhD students choose to continue with their Application Phase, beginning with Internal Medicine.  MD/PhD students complete the following required courses for the Application and Translation Phases in a sequence determined with the OMESA Dean for Clinical Education based on the student’s intended residency selection.

In the Applications Phase (9 months):

  • 2 months Ambulatory Care
  • 2 months Medicine
  • 2 months Surgery
  • 1 month Pediatrics
  • 1 month Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • 1 month Psychiatry 
  • Radiology intertwined with the other Application Clerkships

In the Translations Phase (5 months):

  • 1 month Capstone Course (April of Senior Year)
  • 1 month Senior Medicine, Senior Pediatrics, or Senior Surgery
  • 1 month of Critical Care
  • 2 months of electives

The Course of Study for all MD/PhD Students should be created and approved by the OMESA Dean for Clinical Education or his/her designee. Refer to the MD /PhD Program’s website for further details:

MD/MPH Program (Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health)

John E. McGowan, Jr., MD, Director

Emory University School of Medicine and the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University cooperate in a dual degree Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health program to prepare physicians for leadership roles in public health.  This program is intended for students with a baccalaureate degree who wish to enhance their medical training with further study in public health.

The MD/MPH Program is designed for completion within five years, four of which are spent primarily in the School of Medicine.   The year spent in the Rollins School of Public Health will follow the completion of the Clincal Application Phase. 

Entry to the MPH year is contingent on satisfactory evaluation of academic standing and professional conduct in the School of Medicine.

Between 32 and 42 credit hours, depending on degree concentration, are required to achieve the MPH degree. This includes core courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, public policy, healthcare management, environmental health, and behavioral sciences, plus additional hours of electives/directed studies/thesis in the field of major study.  A thesis project representing original analytic work concerning a public health problem is required for the MPH degree in most of the degree concentrations.

Students interested in obtaining more information about the MD/MPH Program are advised to consult the Program website at

Those needing further information should contact Dr. John E. McGowan, Jr., Director of the MD/MPH Program, by E-mail:

Other Dual Degree Programs

MD/MPH – Master of Public Health

MD/MSCR – Master of Science in Clinical Research

MD/MA in Bioethics

MD/MBA – Master of Business Administration

MD/JM – Juris Master

Although separate application and admission is required for these programs, students are encouraged to consider these programs and information sessions are offered throughout the year.  It is advised to discuss any interest in these programs with the Dean of Medical Education and small group leaders early on.  If accepted, medical students must complete the Foundations and Applications phases of the curriculum before enrolling for one year as a graduate student in the program.  Tuition and financial aid for the year will be determined by the graduate program.  After the completion of each program, a student is exempt from the required 20 hours of Discovery.  More information about these programs can be found at: