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Guidelines for Nonrenewal of Residency Appointment

Each program must have a written policy regarding non-renewal of a resident¿s appointment agreement. Each training program must develop guidelines that follow sections seven, thirty-three and thirty-four of the House Staff Policy and Procedures Manual and state law regarding license or permit to practice medicine in the state of Georgia.  The program should not simply copy the sections from the House Staff Manual, but should refer to the sections, provide the website address and assure that residents know where to find the information. 

If a program contemplates non-renewal of a resident's appointment, then the Program Director must discuss the issues with the Associate Dean for GME or the Associate Dean's representative.  The program must provide the resident with a written notice of intent not to renew the agreement, intent not to promote to the next level or the intent to dismiss. However, if the primary reason(s) for the non-renewal occurs within the four months of the end of the agreement, the program must provide the resident with as much written notice of the intent not to renew as the circumstances will reasonably allow.  

The Program Director must verbally inform the resident of grievance procedures as found in section 33 and due process as found in section 34 of the House Staff Policy and Procedures Manual.