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Accepting Transfer Residents

According to ACGME Institutional Requirements, the institution and our ACGME-accredited programs are at risk for loss of accreditation if non-eligible residents are accepted into our training programs.  For that reason, when applicants for positions are under consideration via transfer, the GME Office must be included in the process. The process follows the sequence:

  1. Application is made by an individual to transfer from another ACGME-accredited program.
  2. The receiving program reviews supporting documentation.  If the applicant is considered to be suited to the position, the program obtains further information as appropriate and completes the checklist below.
  3. The completed checklist is sent to the GME Office for review six weeks prior to the anticipated contract date.
  4. The GME Office will review the information and communicate approval/non-approval to the program within two days of receipt of a completed checklist.
  5. If the GME Office approves, the position may be officially offered to the applicant.
  6. To download policy, click here.

Residency Training Program Requesting Review:




Do not offer position until checklist is completed

CV reviewed by Program Director

Medical school:

  • Graduation date:_______________ (attach diploma)
  • If international - medical school: 

ECFMG Certificate:  Date _______

Number _____________________

USMLE scores: 

Step 1 ___________  number of attempts ____________

Step 2 ___________  number of attempts ____________

Step 3___­­____­____   number of attempts ____________

Obtain a signed release to speak to particular individual(s) involved in the applicant’s medical education (e.g., program directors) and/or written documentation of training and evaluations to date

Residency #1:

  • Dates:
  • Letter from Program Director:
  • Phone call to Program Director if appropriate:

Residency #2 (if applicable):

  • Dates:
  • Letter from Program Director:
  • Phone call to Program Director if appropriate:

Why switching program?

Unexplained time periods on CV:

Current Licensure:

  • Check State Medical Board website (see for a directory of all state medical boards)

ABMS Board Certificate/Eligibility? Check with ABMS Board if any doubt about months of credit to this point. Get letter or email from the board, or send them a letter confirming a verbal conversation.

  • Has taken boards?
  • Deficiencies?
  • Eligible for ___ months toward ____________ ABMS Certification
  • Letter from ABMS

ACGME Common Program Requirements III.C:

Resident Transfer - To determine the appropriate level of education for a resident who is transferring from another residency program, the program must obtain written or electronic verification of previous educational experiences and a summary competency-based performance evaluation of the transferring resident Section III.C.2 A program director must provide timely verification of residency education and summative performance evaluations for any residents who may leave the program prior to completion.

If applicant needs a visa:

-Check with the International Student and Scholar Services Offices about the application process for H1b

-GME Office for J-1

Please don’t proceed until this is clear.

You cannot ask about disabilities, illnesses, family problems or illnesses. You can ask about Academic Failures, Probation, Evaluations, etc.   If a candidate asks for special accommodations (religious holidays, military leave, disability accommodations, etc.) Ask the candidate to articulate the request in writing after he/she is accepted. Tell the candidate that we meet all reasonable accommodations and legal requirements, but that these issues do not affect acceptance into the program.

To download policy, click here.