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Accepting Transfer Residents

According to ACGME Institutional Requirements, the institution and our ACGME-accredited programs are at risk for loss of accreditation if non-eligible residents are accepted into our training programs.  For that reason, when applicants for positions are under consideration via transfer, the GME Office must be included in the process. The process follows the sequence:

  1. Application is made by an individual to transfer from another ACGME-accredited program.
  2. The receiving program reviews supporting documentation.  If the applicant is considered to be suited to the position, the program obtains further information as appropriate and completes the checklist below.
  3. The completed checklist is sent to the GME Office for review six weeks prior to the anticipated contract date.
  4. The GME Office will review the information and communicate approval/non-approval to the program within two days of receipt of a completed checklist.
  5. If the GME Office approves, the position may be officially offered to the applicant.
  6. To download policy, click here.