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Section 1: House Staff General Responsibilities

Each resident participating in the Emory University School of Medicine Residency Training program (TRAINING PROGRAM) has the responsibility to:

1.01 Provide compassionate, timely, and appropriate patient care; accept the duties, responsibilities and rotations assigned by the resident's department Chair or the Chair's designee; abide by the rules, regulations and policies of Emory University, Emory University School of Medicine, and the hospitals to which the resident is assigned; and conform to the ethical and professional standards of the medical profession;

1.02 Develop a personal program of self-study and professional growth with guidance from the teaching staff;

1.03 Participate fully in educational activities, accept and follow direction provided by faculty members and more senior residents and, as directed, assume responsibility for teaching and supervising other residents, medical students, and other health care students;

1.04 Participate, as appropriate, in institutional committees and councils, especially those that relate to patient care review and activities;

1.05 Apply reasonable cost containment measures in the provision of patient care;

1.06 Obtain a GA Temporary Postgraduate Permit or a GA Medical License. Each PGY 1- PGY 7 resident/fellow participating in Emory University Residency Training program has the responsibility to obtain a GA Temporary Postgraduate Training Permit. If you already have a GA Medical License, you are not obligated to get a permit. If you are PGY 8 or higher, you must obtain a GA Medical License. Refer to sections 5.04, 5.05, and 5.06.

1.07 Maintain complete and up-to-date immunity and health records in the OGME (See Section 3);

1.08 Inform OGME and the Program Director of changes in address and personal phone number;

1.09 Inform the Benefits Section of Emory University's Human Resources Department (404.727.7613) of any events requiring a change of benefits or tax status (e.g., change in marital status, birth or the adoption of a child).