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Table of Contents


Section 1: House Staff General Responsibilities

Section 2: School of Medicine's General Responsibilities

Section 3: Summary of Benefits

Section 4: Leave Time

Section 5: Requirements for Appointment

Section 6: Duty Hours and Moonlighting Policies

Section 7: Disciplinary Actions

Section 8: Counseling and Support Services

Section 9: Behavioral Health Statement

Section 10: Graduate Medical Education Committees

Section 11: Personnel Files

Section 12: Other Services

Section 13: Workers' Compensation

Section 14: Infection Control

Section 15: Equal Opportunity

Section 16: Liability Insurance and Risk Management Programs

Section 17: Standards of Conduct

Section 18: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA]

Section 19: Release of Information to the Media

Section 20: Conflict of Interest

Section 21: No Solicitation

Section 22: Weapons

Section 23: Smoke-Free Workplace

Section 24: Drug-Free Workplace

Section 25: Dress Code

Section 26: Tips/Gifts

Section 27: Care and Use of Property/Equipment

Section 28: Pastoral Services

Section 29: Security

Section 30: Teaching Responsibilities

Section 31: Department Orientation

Section 32: Policies on Consensual Teacher-Student Relationships and Sexual Harassment

Section 33: Grievance Procedure

Section 34: Hearing and Appellate Review Procedures for Termination of a Residency

Appendix A: Policy and Procedure on Resident Recruitment and Appointment

Appendix B: Residency Appointment Agreement

Appendix C: Equal Opportunity Policies

                  Policy Statement on Discriminatory Harassment for Residents

                  Formal Procedures for Handling Complaints of Discriminatory Harassment

                  Office of Disability Services-Accommodation for Disabilities
                  (Including Residents)

Appendix D : Moonlighting Forms

Appendix E : Professional and General Liability Insurance

Appendix F : Institutional Policies