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Visiting Residents

Residents/fellows who are currently enrolled in a ACGME-accredited training program are eligible to complete an elective rotation at Emory University. In addition, application must qualify for a training permit under the Georgia Composite Medical Board requirements and satisfactorily complete the requirements outlined below:

  1. The Program Coordinator from Emory University must initiate the process 90 days before your desired start date. Therefore, is it important that you communicate with the Emory Program Coordinator, as well as the Program Director well in advance.
  2. Elective rotations must be must approved by the appropriate Program Director and subspecialty rotation requests must be approved by the core program director or administrator official final approval.
  3. Your application and supporting documents: You should submit this information to the appropriate department for approval from the respective Emory Program Coordinator: 

     - A completed and signed application -Click here for application 
     - A reference letter from your Program Director whether you are in good
       standing in an accredited program
     - CV
     - Certificate of Insurance
     - If applicable, ECFMG certificate
     - Immunizations with current PPD and Influenza documentation
     - If applicable, a completed and signed VA application
  4. If you do not have a current Georgia training permit or Medical License, you must complete the "Application for Temporary Postgraduate Training Permit". The application will be provided by the Emory Program Coordinator after obtaining approval of elective rotation.
  5. Your applications and supporting documents must be submitted to the Emory Program Coordinator prior to processing in the GME Office.

It is our hope that you have a wonderful educational experience and if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the GME Office (404-727-5658 or our office email