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Maria E. Aaron, MD Associate Dean, GME 404-727-5658

Designated Institutional Officer

Marilane Bond, Ed.D., M.B.A. Associate Dean, Education 404-727-5658

Associate Designated Institutional Officer

Ulemu Luhanga, MSc, MEd, PhD GME Education Researcher 404-712-8417

Translating educational innovations to educational scholarship, training faculty and learners on topics related to improving educational practicing, and meeting ACGME requirements

Jianli Zhao, Ph.D. Sr. Associate Director 404-727-9934

Operations Manager, Program Coordinator Liaison, Website Manager, Blackboard, Dept. Surveys, Online Courses. Reference Manual, Resident and Program Coordinator Orientations, Administrative Processing, Special Projects

Karen Darvill, M.S. Residency Records Manager 404-727-0456

Contracts/Appointment Agreements, ECFMG, Certificates, Residency HR Representative

Geraldine Gaines, B.A. Accountant 404-712-9563

Monthly Billing, Departmental/Grant Funding for Residents, Accounts Payable

Osborne Hall, B.A. Program Coordinator
404-727-5143 New Resident Orientation, Data Processing, Certificate Processing, CMS Rules and Regulations Updates, Accreditations Backup
Sean Mann, M.Ed. Database Manager 404-712-9674

New Innovations Development and Training, Data Base Manager

Taiwana Mearidy, M.B.A. Assistant Director 404-727-4545

Accreditation, GMEC, Master Agreements, Academic Agreements, Housestaff Liaison, Orientation, Elective Rotations

Monique E. Stanback Administrative Coordinator 404-727-5658; 404-727-9833

General Information, Department Phone, Office Assistance, ID Cards, Data Processing, Licensing and Training Permits, Deferments/Forbearance, Verifications

James Tambah, M.B.A. Senior Financial Analyst 404-727-8122

Supplemental Pay, Monthly Billing, Departmental/Grant Funding for Residents, License Reimbursements, FTE monitoring, General Ledger, Accounts Payable