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James Zaidan M.D., M.B.A. Associate Dean 404-778-3903

Designated Institutional Officer

Marilane Bond, Ed.D., M.B.A. Assistant Dean 404-727-5658

Assistant Designated Institutional Officer

Jianli Zhao, Ph.D. Associate Director 404-727-9934

Office Manager, Program Coordinator Liaison, Website Manager, Blackboard, Dept. Surveys, Online Courses. Reference Manual, Resident and Program Coordinator Orientations, Administrative Processing, Special Projects

Barbara Buehrer, B.A. Sr. Accountant 404-712-9563

Monthly Billing, Departmental/Grant Funding for Residents, Accounts Payable

Karen Darvill, M.A. Program Coordinator 404-727-0456

Contracts/Appointment Agreements, ECFMG, Certificates, HR Representative

Osborne Hall, B.A. Program Coordinator
404-727-5143 New Resident Orientation and Data Processing, Certificate Processing, NI Database backup, CMS Rules and Regulations Updates
Sean Mann, M.Ed. Database Manager 404-712-9674

New Innovations Development and Training, Data Base Manager

Taiwana Mearidy, M.B.A. Senior Program Associate 404-727-4545

GMEC, Internal Reviews, Site Visits, Academic Agreements, Housestaff Liaison, Orientation, Elective Contracts

Monique E. Stanback Administrative Coordinator 404-727-5658; 404-727-9833

General Information, Department Phone, Office Assistance, ID Cards, Data Processing, Licensing and Training Permits, Deferments/Forbearance, Verifications

James Tambah, M.B.A. Senior Financial Analyst 404-727-8122

Supplemental Pay, Monthly Billing, Departmental/Grant Funding for Residents, License Reimbursements, FTE monitoring, General Ledger, Accounts Payable