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Religious Life

Worship life at Emory is focused in Cannon Chapel, an extraordinary building of contemporary design by Paul Rudolph. The dean of the Chapel and Religious Life leads ecumenical worship there each Sunday, and there are morning and evening celebrations of the Mass for Roman Catholic students. Additional services are held weekly and on a seasonal basis, including Advent and Holy Week services in the Christian tradition and High Holy Days services in the Jewish tradition.

Religious life at Emory encompasses a rich variety of programs and activities that are coordinated by the dean of the Chapel and Religious Life. Among the religious staff members assigned to work at Emory are representatives of the United Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Independent Christian, Unitarian Universalist, and Evangelical traditions. The Muslim Student Association also offers regular prayer and study opportunities in the Muslim tradition. There is a vibrant Hindu community with regular pujas. In addition to programs designed for each particular group, the campus ministers, rabbis, and other staff members join together to sponsor ecumenical and interfaith programs. Several interdenominational student organizations contribute to the many occasions for worship, study, and community service, which are offered each week. For additional information, call 404.727.6226 or visit