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Registration, Cancellation and Withdrawal


Every student is required to register prior to each academic year. Those who have not followed standard procedures in any way must present their plan of study for the entire medical course to the dean or the dean's designate for approval.

Registration for any term is not complete until the student is in compliance with all published procedures and until tuition and other financial responsibilities to the University have been met. Registration information may be obtained from the Office of Medical Education & Student Affairs (OMESA) or any of the program offices. After the last date for changing courses, registration may only be permitted by joint consent of the Executive Associate Dean or their designee, the director, the registrar, and the faculty of the desired courses. Registration is not permitted after eight calendar days following the date on which classes began. Tuition or housing fees are due and payable at registration each semester. Registration is not complete until the student has complied with all procedures and has met all tuition and other financial obligations.

An applicant's registration and attendance of classes is considered as agreement to comply with the rules and regulations of the University as published in the catalogs and other official publications of the school and as amended or revised during the student's continued enrollment.

Cancellation and Withdrawal

Registration may be cancelled during the first week of classes as stated in the  academic calendar with the precise date each semester. Cancellation of registration means that no deficiencies will be noted on the student's transcript. A student who wishes to leave the University after the first week must officially withdraw; honorable dismissal requires that this procedure be followed. Withdrawal forms may be obtained at OMESA.

Tuition refunds are partial. A student may cancel registration during the first week of the semester in which case only the deposit is forfeited (or twenty five dollars if no deposit was required). After the first week of class, a student may voluntarily withdraw, and the tuition forfeiture increases progressively. Please contact OMESA or the Bursar for a forfeiture percentage schedule. No refund is given if students drop only part of their coursework after the last day specified for approved schedule changes. No refund is given to a student who is dismissed.

Refunds for first-time Emory University students who are federal aid recipients (Title IV) will be prorated in accordance with the Higher Education Ammendments of 1992 and any related regulations.

Readmission of students following withdrawal for medical reasons requires medical clearance by desginated University health officials.

A student who withdraws may not continue to live in University housing or participate in student activities and is ineligible for University health services.