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Professional Conduct

The medical school faculty of Emory University has established standards for determining the ethical fitness of medical students to participate in the medical profession. The evaluation of professional conduct, separate and in addition to academic performance, is determined for all medical students during all courses. Professional conduct evaluations include the following considerations: concern for the welfare of patients, concern for the rights of others, responsibility to duty, trustworthiness, and professional demeanor.

If a student receives an unsatisfactory conduct evaluation, written notification to the student is required and written documentation of events leading to the unsatisfactory evaluation must be forwarded to the dean or dean's designee. If the documented event involves a serious offense, the student may be dismissed from Emory University School of Medicine regardless of the student's academic record.

The decision for recommendation to the dean for continued matriculation, probation, or dismissal is the responsibility of the appropriate progress and promotions committee. Due process for appeal of such decisions in accordance with Emory University School of Medicine policy is available to all students.