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Christopher Corso

Current Status: Alumni

Graduate Department: Bioengineering

Previous Education: BS in Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology;  

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA


Cars, Sports, Spending Time with My Family, Hiking


Theoretical and experimental development of a ZnO-Based laterally excited thickness shear mode acoustic wave immunosensor for cancer biomarker detection.

My dissertation work focused on the development of piezoelectric biosensor arrays for multiple antigen detection, focusing primarily on cancer biomarkers. I developed high frequency acoustic resonators comprised of crystalline Zinc Oxide with the purpose of making an inexpensive and relatively simple design that could be mass produced. During my tenure, I was awarded 1 full patent and 2 fellowships/grants.

During my M3 year, I worked as a research associate for Roberto Diaz at Emory University in the department of Radiation Oncology where I developed novel methods for monitoring breast tumor response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors and radiation therapy in in vivo and in vitro models and also for the discovery of radiation induced neoantigens in glioma, head and neck, and breast cancer cell lines after treatment with ionizing radiation.

Graduation Year: 2012

Residency: Radiation Oncology, Yale University


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