The Hearing

Order of Proceeding

  1. Call to order.
  2. Reading of Parts I and II of the Honor Code (Preamble and Statement of the Honor Code).
  3. Statement of the alleged Honor Code violation.
  4. Presentation of evidence: The investigators and the accused may present testimony and other evidence as appropriate and relevant to the case. The Chair and members of the Honor Council, the accused, and the advisor to the accused may ask questions of witnesses, but the Chair shall have the right to determine whether such questions are appropriate.
  5. Discussion and deliberation by the Council is held in a private executive session.

Rules Governing Proceedings

  1. All hearings will be conducted in closed-door sessions and will remain confidential.
  2. Participants in the hearing will be limited to the following:
  • Chair (or Vice-Chair) of the Honor Council.
  • Members of the Honor Council to include the Secretary or, if needed, a temporary secretary appointed by the permanent secretary.
  • Student accused of violation.
  • Two alternate Council members who serve as investigators for the case.
  • Relevant witnesses who be present only while testifying.
  • Advisor for the accused.
  • The Secretary or his/her appointee will take notes during the hearing and make them available to the Honor Council.
  • The accused has the option of selecting an individual from the School of Medicine, but not a member of the Honor Council, to assist in an advisory capacity prior to the hearing and to be present at the hearing. This individual will not be permitted to testify or to make statements of any nature other than asking questions.

Last modified: 7/27/2018

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