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Graduate Programs

Because the Emory University MD/PhD Program is committed to offering flexible options for graduate studies, we welcome students with a wide variety of interests and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Those choosing a non-traditional area of PhD study (outside of the laboratory or life sciences, biomedical engineering, or epidemiology) should contact the MD/PhD Program for instructions on applying as the normal application process may not apply. Although not limited to these disciplines, MD/PhD students typically choose to pursue their PhD in one of the following areas of study:

Joint Emory-Georgia Tech Program in Biomedical Engineering

In addition to the programs offered at Emory University, MD/PhD students can pursue their PhD in the joint biomedical engineering program offered by Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Georgia Tech is located just west of midtown Atlanta, about 15 minutes from the Emory campus. The Biomedical Engineering graduate program is currently ranked #2 in the nation according to the US News and World Report.


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