For Preceptors

As you may know, the medical school underwent major curriculum revisions 5 years ago with the goal of continuing to develop caring, competent clinicians, with a more comprehensive and holistic approach to care of the patient.  Exposing our first year students to primary care preceptors, offices and patients to learn clinical medicine was a successful part of this innovative change. 

The students have loved this part of the curriculum called OPEX (Outpatient Experience).   To maintain our success, we need dedicated primary care physicians willing to open their practice to students. 

Why have students in your practice?

  • You care about the future of medicine, and primary care, and realize that this is one important way you can “make a difference.”
  • You are good “citizens” and you want to give back to your alma mater or training institution, and to medical education in general.
  • You enjoy teaching students and having them around; they help keep you young and current (up to date) in the field of medicine.
  • You value the opportunity to instruct, influence and mentor future clinicians

What are other benefits?

  • CME credits for teaching
  • Access to Emory Library resources and support (full text articles available, etc)
  • Faculty development and preceptor support
  • Faculty appreciation dinner

What is the commitment?

  • Have students in your office ½ days on Wednesday and /or Thursday

Top notch students come to Emory in order to be taught by the best -- YOU!  Please, help us to give them access to the best by volunteering to take students.  The rewards will be great for the teachers, students and patients.

Contact for more information or to volunteer.  Thank you, in advance, for your time, support and commitment to medical education.