Welcome to OPEX

September 1, 2019

Welcome to OPEX

Dear Preceptors,

Welcome to the Outpatient Experience (OPEX)!  Over the next year, students will have an exciting but sometimes anxiety-provoking experience.  This will likely be the first of many clinical experiences that will prepare students to interact with patients, physicians, and other medical professionals on the health care team.  Students are eager to and excited about interacting with patients, but may feel that their knowledge is limited.  This will, no doubt, transform over the year!  

The mission of Outpatient Experience (OPEX) is to provide an understanding of the role of the physician in the clinical setting and in the community through longitudinal clinical experiences during the first two years of medical school.  The course focuses on understanding the relationship between the patient, the doctor, the health care team, and the community.  OPEX relies on a large network of academic and community-based faculty, in primary care disciplines. This is a required course which uses over one hundred faculty as preceptors. 

We anticipate that you will enjoy the experience of working with bright minds and playing an important role in maintaining a professional and well-trained physician workforce.

We look forward to seeing you at the Faculty Appreciation Dinner on Tuesday October 29, 2019 at 6:30pm at the Miller-Ward Alumni House.  The invitation to RSVP will be sent via email.

This year, we have added some useful online tools for physical exam skills.   https://youtu.be/kcPVYqNfJhw

I welcome and encourage your feedback during the experience wish you all the best.


Pam Vohra-Khullar, MD
Director, OPEX Curriculum