Matriculant Statistics

To determine if your application is competitive, review the following information concerning standardized test scores and GPAs of previous entering classes. Applicants should realistically evaluate the strength of their application and supplement it with additional relevant coursework, if needed, or re-take the GRE examination, if necessary. 

In 2010, the program received approximately 402 applications; of those, 282 were complete by the application deadline. 41 of the applicants were admitted to the program.

For the class entering in 2010:
Average GPA:  3.45
Average Science GPA:  3.41
Average GRE combined score:  1141   
Average Verbal percentile score:  63%
Average Quantitative percentile score:  67%
Average Analytical Writing percentile score:  44%
Average MCAT score:  30
     Male:  45%
     Female:  55%
Mean age at matriculation:  29