The interview is a mandatory part of the application process. An application must be complete before an individual will be considered for an interview. Interview sessions are held September through December. Emory does not have individual or weekend interview sessions.  

The on-site interview is conducted in a group format.  You will be assigned to a group of several applicants and will answer questions from a panel of Admissions Committee members.

The Program Office will provide information about scheduling procedures, location, parking, transportation, and lodging at the time the interview invitation is extended.

It is important that the Program Office have an applicant's current telephone number and email address so that he/she can be contacted in a timely manner about any last-minute interview changes.

After the review of all applications, the admissions committee will determine which candidates are selected for an interview. If selected for an interview, candidates are required to be present at the date and time of the interview. All candidates invited to interview must interview in person at the School of Medicine. No phone interviews are permitted.

After all selected candidates have completed the interview process, the admissions committee will extend offers of admission to those candidates who best qualify for the program. A complete and individualized process is used when considering candidates. Candidates will be notified of the program’s decision regarding admission.

Admission to the Master of Science in Anesthesia program is based on a combination of academic performance and demonstration of other non-cognitive characteristics including: professionalism including reliability and accountability; honesty and integrity; compassion and respect; maturity including tolerance of anxiety and stress management; leadership; motivation for providing health care; and co-curricular and work experience.

If you have any questions about your application or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the Emory AA program office at 404.727.5910 or

October 1st is the final deadline to submit all application materials, to include: the CASAA Application, application fees, the Emory Online Supplemental Application for Admission, reference forms, shadowing experience verification forms, official transcripts and official test scores. If any of these materials are submitted after the October 1st deadline, the application will be considered late and reviewed with other late applications at the discretion of the admissions committee. The admissions committee does not guarantee the review of applications that become complete after the deadline date. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Once admissions decisions have been made, no other applications for admission will be considered.