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Introduction and Purpose

This handbook is a reference for medical students and others seeking information concerning the formal administrative policies, rules and regulations of Emory University and the School of Medicine.  In addition, this Student Handbook contains procedural policies for areas such as admissions, academic and professional standards, progress and promotion, financial aid, student organizations, student health and disability insurance, academic and personal counseling, and student health.  Nothing in this document constitutes a contract or creates a contractual obligation on the part of Emory University.  The University reserves the right to interpret and apply its policies and procedures, and to deviate from these guidelines, as appropriate in the particular circumstances and in accordance with the mission and goals of the University.   The University further reserves the right to alter or modify any statement contained in this document without prior notice. Every student enrolled in the School of Medicine is accountable for reading, understanding, and abiding by the regulations listed in this handbook as well as the general Rules and Regulations of the University as set forth in detail in the Emory University Campus Life Handbook, which is available online annually to all students within the University. It is the responsibility of each student enrolled in the Emory University School of Medicine to read and abide by the regulations and policies within this handbook and within Emory University Publications.

The Course Bulletin of the School of Medicine is updated annually and available online to prospective medical school applicants and to other medical schools across the country.