Clinical Skills Center

The Clinical Skills (OSCE) Center is used for standardized patient education, clinical skills education, physical diagnosis and other educational experiences. It contains four suites each of which contain a central debrief room with projection capability and 4 examination rooms equipped with examination table and standard clinic equipment.

A cadre of around 100 actors who are trained to portray a variety of illnesses and conditions are available.  These skilled professionals present clinical scenarios in a standardized fashion to each learner, thus earning the title of “standardized patient.”  They are skilled at presenting the history in a certain manner, simulating abnormal physical findings, and providing feedback to learners about bedside manner, professionalism and communication skills.

Cameras and sound equipment in each exam room allow each experience to be recorded.  Faculty can watch the patient interaction live via a web based program or can watch the recording after the fact.  A software program provides ease of grading these encounters using a checklist and/or comments.

Learners can watch their recordings online after the fact and review their ratings and faculty and patient comments