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Scheduling of Classes and Space in the School of Medicine

All student activities in the School of Medicine that require the reservation of space must submit a request for approval of your event to the OMESA Welcome Center. Once approval has been given the student leader can proceed with the following steps.

  1.[0] allows you to use 25Live with your University User ID and Password.
  2. Go online and request the space and let the Welcome Center know the request is now in the system so the confirmation can be completed if time is of concern.
  3. The OMESA Welcome Center can assist you in getting a diagram of your set-up for your event to Staging in Campus Services. This is needed only if changes must be made to the space and Campus Services will need it in order to set up and return the space to its orginal order.
  4. All users of space in the School of Medicine must abide by the official School of Medicine space policy.  Failure to do so would prevent confirmed reservations in the future.

The Welcome Center can advise student leaders on their staging (tables and chairs) requests or needs for custodial or FMD services in conjunction with their events.

It has become the policy that students use the on-line request procedures. Only one student group at a time is allowed to reserve the space for a lunchtime talk. Should a need arise for another student group to use one of the smaller spaces then the second student group needs to clear that lunchtime talk with the first group that registered.