Laptops are required of all Emory University School of Medicine students. Laptops must meet technical specifications and have the required software programs installed. The School of Medicine Information Technology Services (SOMITS) is available to assist students with technical and software issues for their laptops that meet the specifications.

All newly enrolled School of Medicine students are encouraged to visit the School of Medicine’s IT office before orientation to obtain help configuring laptops and mobile devices for Emory’s wireless network (Emory Unplugged) and Exchange Email System.

Please verify your laptop meets all Minimum Requirements by using the requirements guide provided by IT.

Other Equipment

ID Badges

Upon matriculation, all first-year medical students will be given a set of Emory University ID badges. Badges must be worn at all time when in the hospitals and clinics.

During the clinical years, additional hospital ID badges will be provided to students. Hospital ID badges should be worn whenever in the hospital for clerkships or other training.

White Coats

Students are required to wear white coats for all clinical clerkships and outpatient clinics. Medical student white coats must have the EUSOM patch sewn on the upper left sleeve. 

The Office of Admissions will provide all first-year medical students with a white coat. Additional white coats can be purchased by students at the University bookstore. Patches are available in the Office of Admissions and in Student Affairs.

Lab coats will be provided for the Anatomy lab.

Required Tools

  • Stethoscope (with separate bell and diaphragm end pieces)
  • Otoscope-Ophthalmoscope (with ear speculae of varying sizes +/- insufflator bulb)
  • Reflex Hammer
  • Sphygmomanometer (with adult and pediatric blood pressure cuffs)
  • Tuning forks (128 Hz, 512 Hz)
  • Pen light

Other items you will need:

  • Tongue depressors
  • Cotton swabs
  • Small flexible metric ruler or tape measure
  • Safety pins
  • Rosenbaum hand-held Visual Acuity chart
  • Small notebook and writing instruments
  • Nitrile or latex rubber gloves (for Anatomy lab)

Helpful to have:

  • Medical bag


The Emory University Bookstore, located on Oxford Road on the Emory Campus, offers books and supplies at reasonable prices to students, faculty, and staff.

Last modified: 7/19/2017