Student Affairs and Enrollment Services

Student Affairs processes student enrollment and class registration and provides resources to support and promote students during their development at Emory School of Medicine. Some of the specific functions of this office include:

  • Class registration in the Emory PeopleSoft/OPUS system
  • Upload final grades for MD students and process grade changes in OPUS
  • Process changes to enrollment status for student leaves, dual degree study, and withdrawals in OPUS
  • Support EmoryDOCS, which includes: organize and plan student Career Advising resources, activities, and class meetings, maintain and update the EmoryDOCS website
  • Assign classrooms and meeting space in 25Live
  • Arrange access to the School of Medicine Building after hours for after-hours events and for students with ID prox cards
  • Enrollment verification and letters of good standing
  • Requests for exclusion of jury duty during medical school rigors
  • Emergency loan requests
  • Facilitate, monitor and ensure compliance of students’ annual vaccination and healthcare training requirements (PPD, flu shot, OSHA, HIPAA)
  • Intent to Graduate letter
  • Degree verifications for state medical board/residency programs
  • Notary Public services
  • Monitor and facilitate the sign up for USMLE board examinations
  • Fax and copy documents
  • Assignment of student lockers in the student lounge, in the anatomy locker rooms, and in the basement for use by bikers
  • Lost and found
  • Student Affairs provides services to students on all campuses. Student affairs staff members are located on both the main Emory and Grady campuses.

Mary Kaye Garcia
Associate Director & Registrar
Student Affairs
Emory University School of Medicine

Emory Campus
School of Medicine Building
100 Woodruff Circle
Suite 375P

Kimberly M. Hemingway
Assistant Director of Registration and Student Affairs

Shikina Harrison, MS
Program Coordinator
Career Counseling and Student Affairs

Academic Services Coordinator

Grady Campus
Emory University Faculty Office Building
49 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive
Suite 102

Barbara Bingham
Administrative Manager
Clinical Education and Student Affairs

Theresa Hicks

Laura Hopkins
Program Coordinator
Clinical Education and Student Affairs
404-778-1365 (Grady campus)
404-712-9948 (Emory Main campus)

Michele Rutherford
Academic Electives Program Coordinator

Last modified: 7/27/2018