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Academic Assistance

Academic Counseling

All students will need to maintain grades of “C” or better or “Satisfactory” in all courses and clerkships throughout medical school.  If a student is having academic difficulty, academic counseling or tutoring may be suggested.  It is always advisable for students to seek academic assistance from instructors/course directors as a given course proceeds rather than to wait until examination time.  In spite of the expected degree of self discipline and good study habits that students developed before entering into medical school, there are instances in which students may need assistance.  In addition, some degree of guidance is necessary when making up work lost because of illness (or any other unforeseen event). 

Students are requested to make an appointment with their appropriate Society Mentor or Associate/Assistant Dean for counsel and advice concerning academic problems unresolved by discussions with instructors/course directors.  All students select faculty advisors during the Application Phase.  These advisors assist primarily in academic issues, as well as residency planning and preparation of the senior year schedule.


Students who are in academic difficulty in the first or second year of medical school (generally defined as scoring less than a passing grade at the completion of one of the Foundation courses) may request tutoring. Course Directors will work in concert with the Executive Associate Dean to develop a tutoring plan.